Belarus : Alexander Rybak in Alyona Lanskaya’s video for “SOLAYOH”

Alyona Lanskaya (Belarus Eurovision 2013) with Alexander Rybak

Alyona Lanskaya (Belarus Eurovision 2013) with Alexander Rybak

Alyona Lanskaya who will represent Belarus at Eurovision 2013, has enlisted the support of fellow country man and Norwegian Eurovision 2009 Winner Alexander Rybak, for the official video of her song “SOLAYOH”. Yes Alexander Rybak has joined Alyona in Istanbul for her video shoot which will feature him.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Alyona Lanskaya)

Belarus are determined to make the Grand final at Eurovision this year and Alexander Rybak is more than happy to help all he can for his native Belarus. As you can see from the above video he is on the beach with dancers and will be playing his beloved violin in Aloyna’s official Eurovision video. Alyona was the first act selected for Eurovision 2013 with the song “Rhythm of Love”. Following a mixed reaction to the song, Belarus went on the search for a more instant sounding song and thus the summer/holiday song “SOLAYOH” was recorded and presented to Eurovision. The fan reaction has been more positive and the song has been climbing the bookmakers charts slowly.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of FacebookiesThree)

Upon meeting, both artists seemed to hit it off and Alyona seemed a little star struck. Still there is no word if Alexander’s involvement in “SOLAYOH” will just be for the official video or if he will go to Malmo or even take to the stage with Alyona. The support of the highest scoring winner of Eurovision ever – will certainly boost the profile and media coverage of the Belarus entry. Can they make the Grand Final at Eurovision?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision013TV)

Source Eurovision Ireland, Facebookies and


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