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Moldova – First 7 Qualifiers for their Eurovision 2013 Selection

Moldova Eurovision Selection 2013

Moldova Eurovision Selection 2013

Tonight saw the First Semi Final in the Moldovan National Eurovision Selection for 2013. Two semi-finals with twelve acts, out of which seven qualified for the final. Semi Final 1 was tonight with the second on Thursday and the final on Saturday. The results are based on a 50/50 split vote of jury vote and televoting. The semi finalists tonight were

  1. Diana Staver – Underestimated
  2. Vitalie Maciunschi – I Want You Back
  3. Margarita Ciorici – Coma
  4. Cristina V & Glam Girls – Celebrate
  5. Doiniţa Gherman – Planeta e un rai
  6. Stela Boţan – Inima mea
  7. Vitalie Negruţa – You’ll Be Mine
  8. Aliona Moon – A Million
  9. Ruslan Ţaranu – Amadeus
  10. Boris Covali – Runaways
  11. Felicia Dunaf – Codename Felice
  12. Svetlana Bogdanova – Conquer My Heart

They had the most excitable Green Room in any of the National Finals so far – they even had some of the contestants doing the splits for the cameras. You have to admire their enthusiastic approach.

The lucky 7 qualifiers were as follows

Boris Covali – Runaways – 20 Points

Aliona Moon – A Million – 19 Points

Doiniţa Gherman – Planeta e un rai – 18 Points

Vitalie Negruţa – You’ll Be Mine – 11 Points

Felicia Dunaf – Codename Felice – 10 Points

Cristina V & Glam Girls – Celebrate – 8 Points

Svetlana Bogdanova – Conquer My Heart – 7 Points


The next Semi Final takes place on Thursday where another 12 acts will hope to qualify for the Grand Final on Saturday Night. 

Did Moldova select the best 7 acts tonight? 

(Photograph courtesy of TRM and YouTube Videos Courtesy of embedded owners)

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