Eurovision National Finals 2013

Ireland 2013 : (EUROSONG) Zoe Alexis Bohorquez – Full video of “Fire”


(Photograph courtesy of Zoe Alexis Bohorquez Facebook)

Eurosong finalist Zoe Alexis Bohorquez, brings her high energy, dance and R-n-B song “Fire” to Eurovision table. Zoe is mentored by Eurosong and Eurovision Finalist composer Niall Mooney.

“Fire” is composed by Lauren White, Niall Mooney and Willie Weeks

We have Zoe’s video for “Fire” which shows that she can certainly perform and take on the challenge of a Eurovision stage.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ZoeAlexisOfficial)

Let us know what you think of “Fire”. Do you think it would be a success at Eurovision?

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  1. whats paddy power got to do with it?….its an irish company that has lower odds coz so many irish vote for our entry,.
    you look at the odds they gave ireland over the past 10 years (when we did crap) and we were always amongst the top ten according to paddy power…and we all no what happened…lol
    its not about being negative….coz being positive isnt gonna make any of these 5 songs good songs…
    six of us listened to them yday and were appalled..
    there are gonna be a load of ‘euphoria’ style crappy, camp disco numbers (and we’ve just put forward three of them) that wil get lost in the milieu come final night in May….
    lets face it, rte dont wanna win and select awful songs…
    mark my words (and ive pretty much predicted most of the top 5 eurovision results for the past 10 years) – we aint getting anywhere near top ten this year, maybe not even the final (though we did get a good semi slot)

    • you must be seriously joking….inchiquin will be last in the eurosong it has not got a snowball in the saharas chance of even qualifying.

  2. Oh no I am torn – this song is excellent also – Torn between this and Only Love survives. Another excellent singer.

    • Was thinking the same thing Pat, I think Aimee would do excellent at eurovision with both the juries and televote 🙂

  3. juan you must be deaf because all songs are god especially fire who are u expecting us to send to the eurovision….U2??? i mean seriously

  4. What an awful selection. Safe to say we aint winning this year – whats more disgusting is the shoulder slapping of the panel. The only one that might scrape into the final is the first one, Son Kes/Last Time…

    • What a negative outlook 😦 I think all the entries are very good and I think this song would do particularly well this year!…If you check the eurovision odds on paddy power you can see that they think we will most certainly get into the final… try to be positive 🙂

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