Eurovision National Finals 2013

San Marino 2013 : “Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh” – Valentina Monetta gets “Retweeted”


(Photograph courtesy of

San Marino have just “retweeted” their Eurovision 2012 entry for Malmo. Yes it is true. Valentina Monetta will be flying the flag for San Marino again at Eurovision in 2013.

For the second year in a row SMTV (San Marino National Broadcaster) has internally selected the singer Valentina Monetta to represent them at Eurovision and in case that was not enough Deja Vu for you, the writer is none other than Ralph Siegel.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Valentina Monetta)

This time around the song will be called “Crisalide”  or “Chrysalis” and will be sung in Italian. You will remember that the duo of Valentina/Siegel gave Eurovision “The Facebook Song” which then “Crystalized” into “The Social Network Song”.

At the press conference today we saw a more sultry Valentina which is more in keeping with her Jazz roots and we are led to believe that the song will be more in this style and genre. Could this be the type of song that we can expect in Malmo?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of club6t2)

“Crisalide” will be debuted at a later date – more than likely on “Facebook” –  which is fine as we are friends with Valentina already. 

Source SMTV

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