Slovenia 2013 : The Eurovision Sleeping Beauty


Slovenia-map-with-flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who will represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2013 in Malmo? Slovenia have always been the Bridesmaid and not the bride when it comes to the Balkan countries success at Eurovision despite being some of the pre contest favourites.

I’ve always wanted to go to Slovenia, I’m not sure why, it’s just always appealed to me. An alpine dominated terrain but with a Mediterranean coastline has always nurtured romanticized notions of a Middle Earth like country to me. It’s on a list of places to see, but I’ve been holding out until Slovenia wins the Eurovision so that I could hit two birds with the one stone. Alas, I’ve been waiting 20 years and I haven’t got next to near Slovenia!

RTVSLO the Slovenian national broadcaster has confirmed to our friends at ESCTODAY.COM that they have decided to forgo their national selection process (EMA) due to financial restrictions. RTVSLO has decided to follow their broadcasting neighbours and select their entry for Malmo through an internal selection process, the results of which will be made known on 15th February. The Eurovision selection by committee is a process that I had hoped we would be seeing an end of, given its questionable results on the medals table and the fact that it doesn’t allow the public to get behind an act if they had no say in its selection. It also doesn’t result in great viewing figures for the local broadcaster. However, saying all that, I would much prefer to see Slovenia in Malmo with their internal selection than to not see them at all.

Slovenia doesn’t have a golden record at Eurovision despite submitting some interesting entries. Slovenia debuted in 1993 at our very own Millstreet. They were the first of the former Yugoslav countries to perform on stage. Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia also debuted that year. They were placed 22nd in a field of 25 songs that year and they have rarely set the Eurovision world alight since.

The pinnacle thus far for me has been the period 2006 to 2008.

Anžej Dežan ‘Mr Nobody’

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2006ESC2007)

Alenka Gotar  ‘Cvet z juga’

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Past TV)

Rebeka Dremelj ‘Vrag naj vzame’

(YouTube Video Courtesy of MusicOfTheWorld2008)

Although only finishing 16th, 7th and 11th respectively, they still for reasons beyond any sort of logical explanation have entered into the classic Eurovision playlist of my head.

It will be interesting to see now, what the good people at RTVSLO decide to send to Malmo. Maybe it will be the start of Slovenia’s golden age at Eurovision. Here’s hoping!

Authour/Guest Writer Alan Cromie


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