EuroClub 2013

EuroClub Details Announced : Take a Virtual Tour of your new Euro Home


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Many of our readers had asked where EuroClub 2013 would be based? SVT has announced that it will be in the Slagthuset quarter of Malmo. If you did not know it but “Slaghuset” is the biggest nightclub in Scandinavia according to the website and has played host to artists like David Guetta and Robyn to name but a few. 

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As you can see from the interior of the building it has a huge capacity and numerous dance floors and halls which makes it ideal for EuroClub.

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SVT believe that this will be the best venue for guests, artists, media and fans to congregate over the Eurovision period. Not only is the venue ideally situated but it has the capacity to host large numbers of people and will offer the technology to allow SVT to broadcast the closed rehearsals to the media and fans before the press center next to the Eurovision Arena is open. 


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As you can see from the interior of the building, it is a wonderfully ornate venue that hosts many live musical events. For the first set of rehearsals fans and press can watch the rehearsals from Euroclub and the artists will be ferried over to the hall for interviews etc after they have performed. Will ther be enough space for everyone? I think so

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Euro Cafe will now take place in the equally stunning Moriskan venue in Malmo. Again it is a wonderful arena that will act a s a meeting point for socializing and public events.


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So now we have out Arena, EuroClub and Euro Cafe. We just need all the contestants now.

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