Estonia 2013 : Songs and Video’s reviewed by our guest blogger “Stephen Hardiman”

English: Ott Lepland performing in Õlletoober ...

English: Ott Lepland performing in Õlletoober 2010 Eesti: Ott Lepland esinemas Õlletoobril 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Estonia can reflect on a successful Eurovision 2012, when Ott lepland sang the brilliant “Kuula” finishing in a very respectable 6th place, and in Just a few short weeks Estonia begin the search for their entry for Malmo, by holding 2 semi finals, the first of which takes place on February 16th. Some of the entry’s have been made available to listen too, all ready on-line and here at Eurovision Ireland we bring you a brief synopsis of what’s in store.

SEMI FINAL 1 – 16 February

Armastus –  “Young girl”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of hallutsinatsioon)

Close your eyes and imagine your watching an old western film – this would make a great soundtrack for that movie. You would be forgiven, for wishing John Wayne to come strolling across the stage during the performance, but sadly however, I can’t see either Jury or Televoters warming to this.  

Marilyn Jurman –  “Moving to mmm”

(Link Courtesy of Soundcloud)

Musically this track has a great retro modern beat, that sits very well. However lyrically this track, well……mmm.  

Winny Puhh –  “Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCramadan)

Estonia goes Rock / Heavy Metal, if they can pull this performance off live and sing this song strong vocally, they deserve the ticket to Malmo. It’s a very challenging song to sing and I found myself breathing for the lead singer as he doesn’t seem to take a breath for the whole 3 minutes. Can Eurovision do rock / heavy metal………2006 anyone!!!  

Sarah –  “Taevas valgeks läeb” –  Not Available Yet  

Teele & Tuuli & Ula –  “Ring the alarm”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of EntrumTV)

Great vocalist here, which is what we’re used to seeing lately from Eastern European Countries at Eurovision. This is Estonia’s attempt to ride the wave off success of last years Eurovision winner Euphoria. It’s a great club dance track that could do well, if Europe decides to back this style of music once again.  

Rosanna Lints –  Follow me –  “Not Available Yet”

Grete Paia –  “Päästke noored hinged”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Moonwalkstudio)

This is a good song that is very well sung. Singing in Estonian it has a powerful modern beat. Grete sings with attitude & this is definitely one to watch. With Sweden’s vision for the staging of this year’s contest in the Malmo Arena – this could work very well.  

Elina Born –   “Enough”  

(youTube Video courtesy of lizzy635)

Well if Miley Cyrus was ever wondering if she had a twin – look no further. The look / song / performance etc just screams Miley Cyrus. This could do very well with younger voters. And it’s actually not a bad song. This is the “grower” song – a few listens later and you’ll be singing and dancing along.  

Kõrsikud –  “Suuda öelda ei”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of pinkplonk)
A traditional Estonian band here offering a folk style type song. Great singers with a beautiful, pleasant, lovely, simple song that floats along & I haven’t a clue what it’s about. What more would you want at Eurovision. This I think would work very well with Jurys & Televoters.  

Semi Final 2 – 23 February

Liisi Koikson ja Söörömöö –  “Üle vee”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Muhumees1)
Unfortunately I found this track a bit outdated, which is a pity as the singer Liisi is very good. The song reminds me of sitting on a cruise ship like in the Poseidon Adventure – just before it got hit by a tidal wave….. enough said!!!  

 Birgit Õigemeel –  “Et uus saaks alguse” 

(YouTube Video Courtesy of 2011leelo)
Estonia give us Birgit a young angelic singer singing a sweet ballad. And maybe after all the Euphoria of last year a ballad is the way to go for 2013.  

Tenfold Rabbit –  “Balance of water & stone” – Not Available Yet

Liis Lemsalu –  “Uhhuu”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eesti Laul)
Jazzy up tempo song that reminded me of “The Commitments” soundtrack. Unfortunately this song has no real substance and I feel it will be forgotten by better songs in the competition.  

Marie Vaigla –  “Maybe” –  Not Available Yet  

Facelift Deer –  “Dance”  

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Angelika Pung)
Estonian’s answer to “Pulp”. This is a five piece band with a style that Eurovision hasn’t seen recently, if ever. This could be a welcome change and people will either like it or hate it.  

Rolf Roosalu –  “With u”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Rolf Roosalu)

Strong Ballad on offer here, but I cant see it having the same success as last years “Kuula”. For me the song just seems to be missing that “WOW” factor that recent ballads have had at Eurovision. Although the singer Rolf does sing it very well and maybe it could be changed before the competition to give it that extra “Kick” that it needs.  

Flank –  “Missing light”  

(YouTube Video Courtesy of flankmusik)
Very much like Irish band the Script here. However its a great modern pop / rock song. With good staging this could do very well. One to watch.  

Neogeen –  “Lune sournoise”   

(YouTube Video Courtesy of raidokas)
Sung in French & English, Neogeen gives us this very quirky song that I love. It’s a gentle song that just flows brilliantly and is sung well. Jury’s I feel will love this. There’s only one question do Estonian’s do French?…….  

Põhja-Tallinn –   “Meil on aega veel”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of MsKelluke)
6 person rule anyone!!! Ok a bit of rap here. It’s actually not a bad track but reminds me too much of P. Diddys version of “I’ll be missing you”. But there are songs that sound like other songs every year. I love the chorus of this song but, it will be interesting to see how they are going to work this into the performance when they are only allowed 6 people on stage. We’ll wait and see. Good song.  

So there you have it, could we be going back to Tallinn for the first time since 2002 ? We’ll wait and see, and with 4 other songs yet to be heard, it’s all to play for in Estonia.

Guest Author – Stephen Hardiman

Source –

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