Sweden 2013 : The Draw for the running order is made for Melodifestivalen 2013

The flag of Sweden

The flag of Sweden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning SVT (Swedish National Broadcaster) announced the running order for the 4 semi finals of this year’s Melodifestivalen as they search for their representative at Eurovision 2013 . Like in this year’s forthcoming Eurovision – the running order is not determined by a random draw but is carried out by the shows producers. This is done to create a strong entertainment show where similiar genre of songs could not get drawn side by side thus giving each performer an opportunity to showcase their entry. A lot can sometimes be inferred by the draw as the first and last songs of each semi final tend to be well produced up tempo songs. So what were the results of the running order draw today?

Semi Final 1 – February 2nd in Karlskrona

1. Skyline – David Lindgren

2. Burning Flags – Cookies N Beans

3. Paris – Jay-Jay Johanson

4. Gosa – Mary N’diaye

5. Vi kommer aldrig att förlora – Eric Gadd

6. Heartbreak Hotel – YOHIO

7. Porslin – Anna Järvinen

8. We’re Still Kids – Michael Feiner & Caisa

Semi Final 2 – February 9th in Göteborg

(Video Courtesy of UniversalMusicSweden)

1. Begging – Anton Ewald

2. Make Me No – Felicia Olsson

3. Annelie –  Joacim Cans

4. On Top of the World – Swedish House Wives

5. Hello Goodbye – Erik Segerstdt & Tone Damli

6. Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream – Louise Hoffsten

7. En förlorad sommar – Rikard Wolff

8. Copacabanana – Sean Banan

Semi Final 3 – February 16th in Skellefteå

1. Alibi – Eddie Razaz

2. Island – Elin Petersson

3. En riktig jävla schlager – Ravaillacz

4. Dumb – Amanda Fondell

5. In and Out of Love – Martin Rolinski

6. Hon har inte – Caroline af Ugglas

7. Falling – State of Drama

8 Heartstrings – Janet Leon


(Video Courtesy of UniversalMusicSweden)

Semi Final 4 – February 23rd in Malmö

1. Rockin’ the Ride – Army of Lovers

2. Must Be Love – Lucia Pinera

3. You – Robin Stjernberg

4. Trivialitet – Sylvia Vrethammar

5. Bed on Fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar

6. Jalla dansa sawa – Behrang Miri

7. Breaking the Silence – Terese Fredenwall

8. Tell the World I’m Here – Ulrik Munther

The last song in the Final Semi final is seen sometimes as a good omen so will it be a sign of what is to come for Ulrik Munther?


(Video Courtesy of UniversalMusicSweden)

Time will tell if today’s draw will have any bearing on who will be flying the Swedish Flag in Malmö this year as they search for a back to back Eurovision victories.

Author/Website Founder and Chief Editor – Garrett Mulhall

Source – SVT

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