Eurovision National Finals 2013

The Salvation Army Already Won The Eurovision!!!


Carousel (Photo credit: neil cummings)

It is sometimes difficult to get off a “Carrousel” ride – And this maybe the case with Switzerland.

We all looked at the Swiss final on Saturday and saw The ‘Heilsarmee’ crowned the winners with their song “You and Me”.

We all clapped along and thought this is a jolly little tune. And who could have a problem with the “Salvation Army“? The EBU do!

(YouTube Video courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

The Swiss National broadcaster SRF had asked the EBU if they would be contravening any EBU rules regarding “Heilsarmee” (which means The Salvation Army) and their wearing of The Salvation Army Uniforms on stage. The EBU did not respond to the request as Switzerland had not selected their song at that stage.

That is all changed now. The EBU regulations states that official Organisations or Uniforms cannot be represented on the Eurovision Stage. Do you remember the controversy about San Marino this year – They selected the “Facebook Song” which had to be changed to “The Social Network Song” as no branding can be seen or heard at Eurovision. The storm continued again when at rehearsals in Baku, Valentina in part of her performance logged on to  a laptop on stage – but we could see the Apple Logo on the laptop – which again had to be covered up by the San Marino flag.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of

So what does this mean for Switzerland?

Well it means that ‘Heilsarmee’ will have to change their name and they will have to have a Make Over and no more Uniforms. The EBU Reference Group will make a final decision in January but it is believed that ‘Heilsarmee’ will make an announcement on the subject tomorrow.

I think that the Salvation Army theme was one of the main attractions of the act, so how might they feel about having to deny their core image. I think they could have a strong dilemma on their hands. If they refuse to change their name and remove their uniforms – Switzerland may not be the neutral land that it is famed for.

So what if ‘Heilsarmee’ withdraw – well then we could see “Carrousel” coming around again as they came second in the public vote. This could be a bitter pill for the public to swallow as they had voted ‘Heilsarmee’ the winners by a third of the public vote. So we will have to wait and see.

(Video Courtesy of 2013EurovisionMalmo)

Remember though – the Salvation Army has already won the Eurovision before!

The Uk won the contest last time in 1997 with Katrina and the Waves performing “Love Shine A Light” which was written by Kimberley Rew. What is interesting to know is that Kimberley had submitted the song to The Salvation Army for one of their theme songs. Luckily the Salvation Army declined the offer and as they say it rest is history.

(YouTube Video courtesy of Eurodictionary)

So we will have to wait for a decision from‘Heilsarmee’. Will they stick to their principles or will their beliefs hold strong?

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall

(Source SRF)

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