Lipstick/Waterline – Again?

English: Shane Filan at The Nobel Peace Price ...

English: Shane Filan at The Nobel Peace Price Concert 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Could Louis Walsh be bringing another act to Eurovision?

Yes Music Industry Mogul Louis Walsh is no stranger to music shows. People think of him as the cute Irish judge on the UK X-Factor show but some people may not know that it was Louis that brough Johnny Logan, Linda Martin and of course Jedward to Eurovision. Each of them winners in their own way – some nostalgia for you now – An Irish Winner in Malmö!

(YouTube Video courtesy of Euroencyclopedic)

Well if rumours are right there could be another member of the Louis Walsh stable of acts on the horizon for the Irish selection process. Yes there have been rumblings that Louis is looking at Eurovision potentially for the solo launch of “Westlife” singer Shane Filan.

Everyone will be aware that Westlife did their farewell concerts earlier this year after a golden career in Pop music. Louis had said on Irish tv back then, that he saw lots of potential for the 4 members of the band but that he predicted big things for Shane – whom had record deals on offer. He also said that Shane was going to go down the route of a Michael Buble sound in the future.

As of yet there is no official confirmation but several reliable sources have said it to us here at Eurovision Ireland. You also need to look at what the other members are doing at the moment. Cian Egan was a judge on the “Voice of Ireland” and some work on the Xtra Factor in the UK. Nicky Byrne is dancing his feet off on the UK’s hit tv show “Strictly Come Dancing” and has a football show on Irish TV. The final member Mark Feehily is taking his time before he makes his next move.

So we could have Louis going for Third Time Lucky at winning Eurovision?

In case you have been living under a rock for over the last 10 years – here is for me the best song from Westlife’s trillion number 1 singles – “World Of Our Own” – the rare US version. What do you think of Shane as a potential Eurovision Candidate?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of joeadams823)

Author/Website Creator and Chief Editor Garrett Mulhall.

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