Eurovision 2012

ROLLING REPORT: Eurovision Dress Rehearsal – Semi Final 1

Property of Eurovision Ireland

The show has begun.  Some wonderful shots of Baku at night. Aldar (winner last year) is presenting with 2 female hosts – local personalities. The same postcards accompany each performance – A sort of polo matche and then an outside view of The Crystal Hall.

A quick Intro and then

  •  Montenegro 

Rambo Amadeus singing Euro Neuro. This started terribly – we couldn’t hear his opening lines and then he couldn’t put on his guitar. The dancers roll out their messages like giant toilet roll holders. A weak performance of a crazy song

Eurovision Prediction – Not Qualifying

  • Iceland

I had high hopes for this song but there was something wrong with this performance visually. Jonsi seemed nervous and the vocals seemed to be singing behind the track. I had this as a definite qualifier but now I am not so sure. Just relax Iceland and enjoy the performance more.

Euorvision Prediction – Close call on qualifying

  • Greece

Don’t tell me how Greece have done it but they have managed to pull it out of the bag and actually do a great performance which they have failed to do it all week. Still need to tighten up the dance but looks like Greece are in the final

Eurovision Prediction – Qualifying for the final

  • Latvia

Change of costumes for Latvia. They are nolonger looking like they are women of the night but instead they are looking like they should be working on the cosmetic counter of a large retail store or a Secretary Pool. Vocals were shrill at times and I personally find this a gimmick

Eurovision Prediction – Missing out on the final

  • Albania

My ears are still recovering. This song is sung wonderfully but it is not a song that is ideal for Eurovision. Dressed like a cross between Lady Gaga and a Star Trek character – blue dress with black lapels  – it just looks all wrong on stage. The lighting was far to uninspiring and I have found my first toilet break of the night. Unless the Jury saves this then I am afraid Albania are going home early.

Eurovision Prediction – Not qualifying

*We then have a video break showing the Opening Party – unfortunately the video is still being edited.*

  • Romania

Comes after the tv ad break and a welcomed relief to Albania. One MAJOR shock – Don’t wear a MINI skirt and then have a wind machine blowing. As Monica from “Friends” would say – “You could see her lady garden”. Please tighten up the dress and then add some more red to the lightening as they have changed to primarily a white stage. Great dance routine.

Eurovision Prediction – Sailing into the final

  • Switzerland

By far the BEST performance of the night. The guys really rocked the stage and used every inch of it to effect. No pyrotechnics were used which I hope they do in the second rehearsal. This had great camera angles and vocals. It has all come together for Switzerland at the right time.

Eurovision Prediction – Qualifying

  • Belgium

One cannot believe that Iris is only 16 as she sang with confidence that most other singers would love to have. Dressed in a short white dress thatlooked like it had some bubble wrap on it. Her vocals were amazing and her interaction with the camera was sublime. I really like this song and her performance.

Eurovision Prediction – Just might qualify as the Jury are bound to like it

  • Finland

I personally love this song but I am afraid that it will not have the wide enough appeal to qualify. They have also made the faux pas of shining a red spot light on the singers red hair and then put her in a very unflattering green dress. The dress is an awkard length and has massive coat tails. It all looks wrong.

Eurovision Prediction – Going home early

  • Israel

They must have been reading my blogs all week as eventually they they decided to smile on stage for once. It looked great and sounded great. It got a great reaction in the press centre. A funy little ditty.

Eurovision Prediction – Will be in the final

  • San Marino

I love this song but it will not have a wide enough appeal. Some may find it childlike and the Juries will not be over joyed by it. I think it sounds fun and the dance routine is cheeky. The visuals are great but I think they will not progress

Eurovision Prediction – Just missing out on a final placing

  • Denmark

This sounds like every other Danish song from the past few years. It brings nothing new to the table. It is a middle of the road sung well but people have liked that from Denmark each year. It will qualify but I can see this in the bottom half in the final

Eurovision Prediction – Will qualify

  • Russia

What happened? This has been great all week but seemed a little flat. Maybe it needs a big audience. The camera angles were a little roaming and failed to capture the smallest of the Grannies – who is the star of the show. This will still qualify easily but will the Juries like it

Eurovision Prediction – Will qualify with ease

  • Hungary

Hungary just seems like it is making up the numbers. Very forgettable and I think they are in trouble. Not a lot to say about this dreary performance except Good Bye

Eurovision Prediction – Flight back home

  • Austria

Austria were fantastic. Sounding like fun with a good visual show. The guys know how to put on a show and it looked a lot tighter on the camera angles. People tuning in for Jedward will like this song. I can see this making the final.

Eurovision Prediction – Will scrape into the final

  • Moldova

What a great performance. The vocals are great and the visual effects add to the song and the performance.  The camera angles were spot on and they made a great show. This will appeal to a large number of people. This will qualify for the final with ease.

Eurovision Prediction – Straight into the final.


The time has come and what a lot of changes have come to the performance.

The Costumes: first Jedward are in their stage costumes which are like funky gold and silver power rangers.

The Appearance: They come onto the stage WITH THEIR HAIR DOWN – like we had predicted all along!!!

The Vocals: they have taken the main vocals and dropped it by half a key and what a difference it has made. It sounds much better and they have also changed the key of the backing vocals which lifts the entire performance.

The Dancing: is energetic and only how Jedward can do. They leap about the stage with such confidence.

THE MONEY SHOT  comes at the end of the song. The water feature is much higher and for the end of the song the twins jump into the waterfall and hold their hands aloft. The water comes crashing down and it looks amazing!!! This is what people have been waiting for and it leaves the viewer with the WOW factor. Jedward have done it again and pulled it out of the bag.

Eurovision Prediction – Jedward are “Rushing” into the final.  

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