Eurovision 2012

UK – Shaky start

The UK is on stage now and Englebert Humperdinck is performing “Love Will Set You Free”

The Vocals

Well Englebert has some vocal issues at present was off-key in parts. But as I said before this is what rehearsals are for. This maybe a simple ballad but it has 2 key changes in it and that is what was causing Englebert the issues. When he was off-key you could hear them at these points in the performance. It needs to improve but I am sure he will get this sorted.

Eurovision Staging

On the staging aspect – there is a guitarist and a male and female dancer. The stage is dark with nice shots on Englebert. He has simple hand gestures that are effective. In the second verse the dancers come into the performance. They are doing a contemporary waltz choreographed by ex Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips. She is here and was on stage giving the dancers advice.  The lighting goes to a deep blue with yellows and reds which looks very striking.

Some work to do still for the UK

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