Eurovision 2012

Russia – Cooking Up A Storm

(Photo courtesy of Thomas Hanses (EBU))

Russia bring everything to the stage including the Kitchen Stove

The Grannies from Russia have just taken to the stage and showing no signs of slowing down! Could this be the Eurovision Song Contest Winner 2012?

  • Russian Eurovision Song – Everyone by now knows that the Grannies from Russia are a phenomena, starting off with a classic old folk song and then turning into a great pop disco song
  • The song is a celebration of life and calls for people of all ages to party – and the hall was full of people trying to get a glimpse of The Grannies. They are in demand today and I think will be in their Semi Final too.
  • The Chees- o- meter: They have a very “cheesy” – so cheesy it might be an Extra Vintage Mature Cheddar – but it is liked by everyone!
  • Staging / Performance / Routine – Again the Grannies (like in their National Final) are in traditional Russian attire. Also on the stage is the same stove – YES stove – on the stage.
  • The start of the song is quiet and the stage is dimly lit. Once the song changes tempo the back drop resembles something like the Star Ship Enterprise going into Warp Speed where you arrive in a map of Europe  that is glittering and flashing.
  • They really use the stage and lighting to the maximum.
  • As for the choreography – well there is very little yet there were 2 choreographers on the stage. The song has an endearing charm that people like it more if the Grannies sing or dance out of time and this will ensure that it scores well in the Semi Final.

Eurovision 2012 Prediction

  • Personally I loved the song and the performance. Others believe that the Juries will take an instant disliking to the song and the novelty factor that it has.

Final Analyisis – Tip for the Eurovision finals:

Would I change anything about the performance? Not a single thing. This is going straight to the final and I think could have all of Europe going back to Russia next year. Stiff competition for Jedward and Romania.

What do you think?

(Video courtesy of ESCDaily)

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