Eurovision 2012

Austria – Poledancing their way to the final

(Photo courtesy of Andres Putting (EBU) Glen Webb (EBU))

Austria – Take to the stage

Austria this year have the Hip Hop Act “Trachshittaz” – careful how you say that!! They are singing the equally tricky song title “Woki mit deim Popo”

  • Austrian Eurovision Song – This is another feel good song that we have all been waiting for today. The song was full of energy : rapped and sung very well. It has an undeniable beat that will certainly wake you up after the Hungarian entry.
  • The lyrics of the song are provocative and that is why it stands out from the crowd.
  • Staging/Performance /Routine – Well they are an act that have just as much energy as Jedward and one feels that people who will be tuning into see Jedward will also like what Austria performs.
  • The Trackshittaz are joined on stage by 3 female dancers who are in Black and yellow neon dresses. They each have their own dancing pole that they are working like they were in a Las Vegas Night Club.
  • They guys have perfected a very slick dance routine that they performed without fault throughout their rehearsals.Like in their national finals they dancers come off their dancing poles and dance then down to the front of the stage. However the neon dresses were not removed like in the Austrian Final but one suspects that they will in the Second Dress Rehearsal.
  • The stage backdrop is in the style of night club and lots of geometric styled lightning. A feast for the eyes.

Eurovision 2012 predictions:

There is really nothing else like this in this year’s contest which leads you to believe that it should score well.

final Analysis- Tip for the Eurovision Finals:  A lot of the opinion polls have the Austrians down as not qualifying but I would have to disagree. This is looking and sounding great and will have the younger and alternative Eurovision viewer watching and voting in their droves. My Dark Horse for the final and potentially a Top 10 finish.

(Video courtesy of ESCDaily)

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