Eurovision Star Apologises after Drugs Arrest

Amaury Vassili. Photograph courtesy of  Ashley-Green Tumblr.

Amaury Vassili. Photograph courtesy of Ashley-Green Tumblr.

French Pop-Opera star Amaury Vassili was arrested for the use and possession of illegal drugs according to French cable news channel LCI.

The French Tenor who sang the operatic “Sognu” at the 2011 edition of Eurovision in 2011, was arrested by police for use and possession of cannabis

Vassili was allegedly taken to the 19th arrondissement of Paris where he was said to have had 20 grams of hashish in his possession.  

Yesterday afternoon the Eurovision Singer was released and tweeted the following

“Surprised by the magnitude of an ID control. It’s true that I smoked an illegal cigarette. My apologies…”

2013 has been a good year for Amaury Vassili. the Frenchman released his third album “Una Parte Di Me” which has 65,000 copies to date, compared to date 150,000 copies for Vincerò (2009) & Canterò (2010).

His arrest is certain to receive news coverage in France and bound to “get him high” in the charts to coin a phrase.

Prosecutors are now dealing with the case.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : LCI TV,, WiwiBlogs and Eurovision Ireland

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