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Macedonian National Final For Eurovision 2015. Photo : Wikimedia

FYR Macedonia 2014 – Eurovision artist for 2014 to be announced tonight?

Who will represent FYR Macedonia at Eurovision 2014? We will know that answer to this question tonight according to tvpaket.com.mk in a special announcement. It seems that many countries are setting out their intentions for Eurovision 2014 early with San Marino doing so yesterday. This is a very good […]

FYR Macedonia – New Song Released – “Pred da se razdeni” or “Imperija”? – Discuss

ESMA and LOZANO will represent FYR Macedonia at Eurovision 2013 with the song “Pred da se razdeni”. You may remember that the duo had the highly popular “Imperija” already announced as their entry for Eurovision 2013. However for reasons fully unknown the song was withdrawn and is now replaced with “Pred da se razdeni” that will also be performed […]