Ireland 2013 : (EUROSONG) Inchequin – Full video of “Son Kez/The Last Time”

(Photograph Courtesy of Inchequin will perform the song “Son Kez/The Last Time” which is composed by Hugh O’Neill and Sinead Bradley (Arranged by Tevfik Kulak). They are mentored by Eurovision Winning composer (1980 “What’s Another Year) Shay Healy.  This is a catchy folk/ethnic/pop song with a mixture […]

Tickets for the The Late Late Show Eurosong Final. Photo : RTE

Ireland 2013 : Full Song Titles and Artists

  (Photograph Courtesy of RTE) The complete song titles and composer details are now available.  “Kiss Me There” – Composer Drax. Performer Kasey Mentor Mairéad Farrell. “Son Kez/The Last Time” – Composed by Hugh O’Neill and Sinead Bradley (Arranged by Tevfik Kulak)  Performed by Inchequin. Mentor by Shay Healy. “Crashing […]

Azerbaijan 2013 : (Result) Another Finalist is selected in the “Land of Fire”

(Photograph Courtesy of Last weeks semi final in Azerbaijan has produced another female finalist. Leyla Qafari won a very close semi Final and now progresses to the final in Azerbaijan. Here is winning performance from last Friday. (YouTube Video Courtesy of Azeurovision) Source Azeurovision and