Eurovision 2023

#EUROVISION 2023: Israel’s Highs and Lows at Eurovision

During the build up to next week’s Eurovision song contest and whilst rehearsal coverage has been restricted this week, due to media access being closed to the first and second rehearsals, we at Eurovision Ireland decided to look back at the highs and lows at Eurovision of each country taking part this year . This time, it’s the turn of Israel.

When did Israel first enter Eurovision?

Israel first entered the contest in 1973 when Llanit sang “Ei Sham”. She came 4th with 97 points.

What are Israel’s highest points at Eurovision?

Israel have plenty of high points as they have won the contest four times. Their first victory came in Paris in 1978 when Izhar Cohen and Alpha Beta sang their way to victory with “A- ba-ni-bi

In 1979 , on home soil in Jerusalem, Israel took victory for the second year running with Gali Atari and Milk & Honey singing “Hallelujah”. The song remains popular to this day.

Israel had to wait until 1998 for their next victory when Dana International sang them to victory in Birmingham, UK with “Diva”.

Israel then had to wait another 20 years for the next and fourth victory . In Lisbon 2018 , Netta took victory with her song “Toy”.

Israel have also finished second twice. In 1982 Avi Toledano sang “Hora ” in Harrogate ,UK .

The following year in 1983, Ofra Haza sang “Hi ” in Munich , Germany and came second, losing out to Luxembourg. There are still many who have high regard for this song and feel that Ofra Haza was unlucky to miss out on the win.

In 1991, Israel got 3rd place when Duo Datz sang “Kan” in Rome.

Israels lowest points at Eurovision .

Besides the years they have failed to qualify for the Grand Final at Eurovision, perhaps Israel’s lowest point came in the 2007 Semi Final in Helsinki , Finland , when The Teapacks with “Push the Button” came 24th .

How will Israel do in 2023?

This year Israel are represented by one of their young stars , Noa Kirel. She will be singing “Unicorn in Semi Final 1 in Liverpool. She is one of the acts rated as a very strong possibility to qualify for the final. Can she bring a 5th win for Israel?

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Author: Sarah Rudman

Source: KAN , Eurovision.TV. YouTube

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