ST PATRICK’S DAY: A time to celebrate

#ST PATRICK’S DAY: A time to celebrate

It’s that time of the year again. No, not that time, that’s in May. If you’re Irish, then this is the day for you. Much of the world goes a little bit green – in more ways than one. So here at EI we’re going to celebrate too.

First is a shameless plug. Wild Youth will be singing in the 202 Eurovision Song Contest in May. So what better way to start than their song, We are one.

Of course, the Irish have not just sung in the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland, but have occasionally infiltrated other countries too. Back in 2001, Lithuania sent the trio Skamp to Copenhagen. One third of this act was Erica Jennings. Here they are with You got style.

It’s a fact that Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest the most times, so with winning usually comes hosting. In 1994 Ireland had already won two years in a row, and just before the voting, we saw an immense piece of Irishness that has lasted long since. It was Bill Whelan’s Riverdance. OK, it’s not a Eurovision song as such, but it’s still part of history.

Ireland first took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965. Butch Moore won the first Irish national final and got the golden ticket to Naples for a Saturday night of fun, up against 17 other singers. He didn’t win. But in 21st Century terms he did make the left-hand side of the scoreboard, and Walking the streets in the rain was the favourite song of the Italian jury.

It’s honourable mention time, and even though there have been seven Irish wins. Yes, that’s seven, there’s still time for a bit of good old fun. And what better than a song involving a bird. Not, not a turkey, but something a tad more colourful. Here’s My pet parrot.

To finish, we’ll celebrate with – probably – Ireland’s biggest win in the Eurovision Song Contest. It again comes from 1994 and featured two more mature singers, who were that good they didn’t even use the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. They won with a score only beaten once in the 20th Century. It’s Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan, and the classic Rock n Roll kids.

So wherever you are celebrating St Patrick’s Day, have a good one, and make the most of that Irishness.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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