Eurovision 2023

#PORTUGAL: Live Blog of Festival da Canção 2023 from 22.00 CET

#PORTUGAL: Live Blog of Festival da Canção 2023 from 22.00 CET

Portugal concludes its quest for a second Eurovision victory tonight, with the Grand Final of the legendary Festival da Canção. Thirteen songs are competing for right to represent Portugal at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool in May. Could we see a potential winner tonight?

You know what to do – click on refresh to see our latest thoughts on the songs. Tell us if you agree with us, or think we could be seeing a Lisbon Eurovision in 2024. All times below are GMT (CET -1)

You can watch the action HERE.

00.41 – It’s goodnight from Eurovision Ireland.

00.40 – Thank you for staying the course with this blog. Are you happy with the winner? Tell us what you think.

00.38 – Twelve points go to Ai Coração!!!! Mimicat wins!!!

00.36 – Ten points to A festa. It takes the lead

00.35 – Seven points to Tormento. Eight points to World needs therapy!

00.34 – Four to Nasci Maria. Five to Encruzilhada. Six to Goodnight

00.33 – Two to Viver. Three to Povo

00.32 – One point to Fim do mundo

00.31 – The public vote will come in next.

00.29 – So how do things look?

00.27 – The final jury, in Açores, gives a maximum to Ai Coração

00.26 – Over to Madeira. Their maximum goes to Ai Coração

00.23 – Algarve gives a maximum to Contraste mudo by Charlie Brown

00.22 – Alentejo’s maximum goes to A festa by Edmundo Inacio

00.20 – Lisboa e vale de Tejo next. The maximum from this region goes to Ai Coração

00.18 – Centro next. Their maximum goes to Ai Coração by Mimicat

00.16 – Over to Norte. Their maximum goes to Povo by Ivandro

00.15 – There are regional juries out there, who will cast their votes first.

00.13 – There is artwork of the acts in the Green Room. It’s good, and the acts seem to like them.

00.10 – Back to the Green Room.

00.04 – A medley of Liverpool bands wouldn’t be complete without Relax by Frankie goes to Hollywood.

00.02 – Next we have You spin me round by Dead or alive.

23.59 – There she goes by the Las. A class song. Performed, well, OK. Followed by Enola Gay by OMD. Another classic.

23.57 – we’re getting Liverpool through the medium of dance and song. First, a cover of Wonderful life by Black

23.54 – The UK first hosted in 1960, and Liverpool is the home of the Beatles, OMD, Frankie goes to Hollywood, and A flock of seagulls, amongst many others.

23.53 – Another retrospective of 2022. Ukraine won – we know that – for the third time. And who won in Kyiv last time we there? Why, it was Portugal.

23.52 – They have some ‘football fans’ in the crowd, some bedecked in Liverpool FC regalia. They’re doing some of tonight’s songs in a football chant stylee. It’s original, I’ll give it that.

23.51 – We’re back. The show should finish in about 40 minutes, so we can’t be far off some results. Can we?

23.42 – Ad break time now. Back soon.

23.41 – Voting is over! There’s a winner in there somewhere.

23.37 – Yep, recap time again. You can still vote if you want to, Portugal.

23.34 – Interview time again. With Mariana Brito da Cruz Forjaz Secca, aka Maro herself.

23.29 – After a quick recap of her time in Italy last May, she’s here in the studio. A large choir has joined here on stage for the ensemble bits.

23.27 – Remember Maro? She sang for Portugal in Turin/Torino.

23.22 – Interview over, time for another recap.

23.18 – The usual interview follows.

23.10 – Time for music. A certain Salvador Sobral is on stage. He’s singing a Beatles medley. Very good

23.08 – A reminder that there is a CD of the 20 songs available. Remember CDs?

23.04 – That was all rather jolly. So the only way to top it is with a recap. Vote, people, vote!

23.01 – To celebrate a Liverpool contest, the acts are all singing Hey Jude.

23.00 – We’re back. The hosts are in the Green Room now. That’s where the party is in sunny Lisboa city.

22.52 – Time for an ad break. Don’t go too far.

22.48 – First recap time.

22.42 – Back to the Green Room to chat with the final five acts.

22.39 – This starts in glorious black-and-white before quickly moving to colour. It’s another song only Portugal could come up with. It’s guitar-ey with a slight edge to it. The gimmick is the amplifiers being assembled as the band performs. And they have lights on their electric guitars. The instrumental breaks are reminiscent of big hair bands from the 1980s. Actually, this could be a slightly dated song. Or it could be trendily retro. Not bad

22.35 – The final song tonight comes from SAL. It’s simply called Viver

22.34 – You want art? Without the mumbling? And with a Portuguese twist? You might like this. Edmundo is in red and is a bit of a mover. The music is stuff to move to, so he’s got it right. The song is good and has a lot of positives. The beat, the voice and the instruments that appear towards the end, played by masked men in white. It’s distinct and very good.

22.31 – Song 12 is A festa by Edmundo Inácio

22.30 – Ivandro, if you remember, has the miniature city-scape around him. His schtick is to show off his powerful voice in a modern fado stylee. It could only be Portuguese but might be just too Portuguese to do anything in Liverpool. Or it could be Portuguese enough to stand out. he can carry a tune and the guitar accompaniment suits it well. However, there’s no easily identifiable hook, and by the time something comes along that could be a hook, things could be lost.

22.26 – Song eleven comes from Ivandro. It’s called Povo

22.25 – You want something a bit more, erm, arty, then this could eb for you. The trio are in white. The verse is quite slow, but it picks up for the chorus and has a heavy synthesiser backing. Very electro-pop perhaps. Or music for that ultra-trendy bar you’ve stumbled into. Good luck to them, however it might not be a contest song.

22.21 – Song ten comes from Neon Soho. It’s called Endless world

22.20 – A rock song now. This works on the modest FdC stage, but I’m not sure it would on something bigger. Still, it’s good to have musicians that don’t mumble. A decent attempt nevertheless

22.16 – Song nine now. It’s Dapunksportif, singing World needs therapy

22.10 – Back to the Green Room for a bit more friendly chat.

22.09 – A show song now. This has much panache. And a large Chesterfield sofa. And lots of red. Should I go on. There’s cabaret to this and it’s quite eye-catching both in the costumes, the staging and even the tune. The tune is one of those that draws you in. You do know where it’s going, especially after the slow bridge. A big strong note to finish, of course. Leading to much applause from the studio.

22.05 – The next song comes from Mimicat. It’s called Ai coração. It’s song eight tonight.

22.04 – This is a curious little sung by distinctively-dressed Inês. There are substantial piano breaks, played by her. She has a couple of pals on stage who cavort around. This might not be a contest song, although it is well constructed and keeps you guessing where it’s going next.

22.00 – Song seven is Fim de mundo by Inês Apenas

22.00 – Another band, this time using ukeleles as their unique selling point. The lyric is very fast and it has a jaunty bouncy vibe. It could get a crowd bouncing along in a big hall. And if you like a good old ukelele, this is definitely for you. Very catchy.

21.56 – Song six tonight is by Voodoo Marmalade. It’s called Tormento

21.55 – They are a band with not a Charlie Brown lookalike between them. There’s a heavy guitar motif going on here. It almost starts like Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. It’s nicely downbeat and understated with no gimmicks. Just a band singing an honest song honestly. Might be too subtle to anything, but I don’t dislike it.

21.51 – Onto song five. Contraste mudo by You can’t win, Charlie Brown

21.46 – Four down and it’s time for some Green Room shenanigans.

21.45 – This is your Instagram song. Her pals on stage move very little, while she moves between them with her very large wine glass. It’s a pleasant song that’s not dissimilar to something I’ve heard before – Sitting down here by Lene Marlin perhaps. Definitely a sweet little song that might cause a headache with the prop-movers in Liverpool.

21.41 – Song four is Goodnight by Bárbara Tinoco

21.40 – Something a bit more funky now. Esse Pove are in their matching lilac suits again, singing in some decent harmonies. As a foursome it’s like a song of old. But that’s no bad thing. It may be one of those two minute songs stretched to three minutes, but plenty of them have been seen before. It’s popular in the studio.

21.36 – Song three is Sapatos de cimento by Esse Povo

21.35 – Churky has his guitar again. And he plays it too. The song is quite jangly and bouncy. With his band this comes across quite well, especially with his little trumpety bit from one of his band. It’s definitely not typically Portuguese. Maybe would suit an international audience. Not bad at all.

21.31 – Song two comes from Churky. It’s called Encruzilhada

21.30 – This starts in a spiritual style. Cláudia is in pink and yellow (including her hair). there are dancers too, in headscarves. The chorus has a repetitive element to it which works fairly well. It’s definitely Portuguese/latina and not without its charm. A decent song to open with.

21.26 – Song one – at last – comes from Cláudia Pascoal. It’s called Nasci Maria

21.23 – Naturally, we get to see the Green Room. It’s empty right now, apart from Ines, and Wandson LIsboa.

21.21 – We meet the hosts Vasco and Filomena. You might recognise Filomena.

21.19 – There are 13 acts tonight, and we briefly get introduced to all of them.

21.18 – We’ve got our first song of the night, and it’s not competing of course. Our sketch participants are all dressed in plenty of gold stuff and singing in English.

21.12 – OK, now we’re starting. After a bit more of the same sketch

21.09 – And we’re starting. After a sketch

21.03 – As you might have guessed, we’re not starting on the dot of the top of the hour.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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