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SM #Liveblog Una Voce Per San Marino 2023 – FINAL #JOINUS from 21:00 CET

Buona sera Europa, buon giorno Australia! This is San Marino calling.

Tonight, San Marino’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 continues with the Final of Una Voce Per San Marino 2023.

Eurovision Ireland’s own Bogdan is here behind the screen to give you his views on the show so stay tuned and refresh this page for updates!

22 songs will compete in tonight’s final and the winner will become San Marino’s entry to the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, which will be the country’s 14th participation. 

The Una Voce Per San Marino final will be hosted by Senhit, who represented San Marino at the Contest in 2011 and 2021 (as well as the cancelled 2020 Contest).

The 22 participants in alphabetical order are:

  1. Alfie Arcuri – Collide (Australia)
  2. Deborah Iurato  – Out Of Space (Italy)
  3. Deshedus – Non Basterà   (Italy)
  4. E.E.F. – Something For You (Italy)
  5. Edoardo Brogi- Due Punti Sull’equatore (Italy)
  6. Eiffel 65 – Movie Star (Italy)
  7. Ellynora – Mama Told Me (Italy)
  8. Iole – Sul Tetto Del Mondo (Italy)
  9. Kida – Stessa Pelle (San Marino)
  10. Le Deva   – Fiori Su Marte (Italy)
  11. Lorenzo Licitra – Never Give Up (Italy)
  12. Mate – Prisma (Italy)
  13. Mayu – C’è Qualcosa In Me Che Non Fuziona (Switzerland)
  14. NeVRuz  – L’alieno (Italy)
  15. Piqued Jacks – Like An Animal (Italy)
  16. Ronela – Salvaje  (Albania)
  17. Roy Paci – Tromba (Italy)
  18. Simone De Biagi – Catching Memories (San Marino)
  19. Thomas   – 23.23  (Italy)
  20. Tothem   – Sacro E Profano (Italy)
  21. Vina Rose – Oblivious (United Kingdom)
  22. XGiove – Fuoco E Benzina (Italy)

Watch the show live here but why not check our thoughts from 21:00 CET. Join us, you know you want to 🙂


Buonasera signore e signiori d’ Europa! Buon giorno Australia! The show is scheduled to start in about 30 minutes so it’s time to grab those snacks and drinks. It’s going to be an interesting night in San Marino.

I must confess I have not heard any of the songs from tonight’s final but I think it’s better this way to have a raw first impression. We will be back shortly.

Are you ready? The show is about to start!

We are live from Teatro Nuovo from Dogana where Jonathan Kashanian is very happy to host Una Voce Per San Marino for the second year in a row.

We’re not treated to a recap from last year’s edition when Achille Lauro won with Stripper.

And here are our lovely hosts Jonathan and Senhit.

We were told that singers from 31 countries submitted songs for Una Voce Per San Marino this year. The head of tonight’s jury is Al Bano, who represented Italy at Eurovision Song Contest in 1985 with his then partner Romina.

And we’re off with the first act

Roy Paci – Tromba

Roy is singing a jazz-pop song with a chorus all about moving that trumpet. To be honest, I like the rhythm and I’m jamming along. Not a bad start as it’s quite entertaining even though it’s a bit too repetitive. It’s a like from me.

Vina Rose – Oblivious

Vina is on full power tonight. She is singing about independence and surviving a bad relationship. I like the song but the attitude looks a bit too angry for my taste. However, I can’t fault her vocals. This is her second time in the San Marinese selection. Will this year be a lucky one for Vina?

If you have something to say about tonight’s final tweet using #unavocepersanmarino and your thoughts might be read live.

Deshedus – Non Basterà  

A pop-rock sound I quite enjoy. It reminds me of REM from the early 90’s. I can’t really say I’m impressed by the concept but the song is decent and without watching it, I would definitely listen to it again,

Kida – Stessa Pelle

Kida is only 17 years old and being from San Marino she obtained automatically a spot in the Final. Having said that, she didn’t need this ‘favour’ as her song is more than decent and I’m enjoying her commitment. I think she could have more control of her voice but it’s a good effort for this young artist.

Thomas   – 23.23

Another young artist from Italy is taking the stage. It is a decent song, sung in the usual Italian pop style. I just wish the song would have had more power as it lingers in a very mediocre range.

We’re now watching Senhit singing her Adrenalina with an amazing choir. It was very enchanting and haunting.

Piqued Jacks – Like An Animal

It shows this band has experience on the stage, however, there is a severe lack of connection with the camera. But considering we don’t have any televoters tonight, it makes sense to awe the jury who is in the audience. It’s not a bad song and I particularly like the portion sung in multiple voices.

E.E.F. – Something For You

The lead singer has a beautiful voice (and gorgeous eyes). However, the song would suit better a lounge or a pub. I might be wrong, but if chosen, I think it would get completely lost on the main stage. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but not in an Eurovision context.

Iole – Sul Tetto Del Mondo

Another powerful voice on the stage of Una Voce Per San Marino. Unfortunately, the song doesn’t go anywhere. Maybe somewhere in the 80’s the song would have been more popular. Like in the song, No, no, no no…

Deborah Iurato  – Out Of Space

Something in Deborah’s eyes remains me of Britney Spears. However, the song gets a bit annoying (shouty) at the chorus and I’m really sorry to say this because it started quite interesting.

NeVRuz  – L’alieno

Imagine a lullaby sung by a rocker. This is exactly that. In a very strange way, I’m not hating it. Still shocked but pleasantly surprised.

And now a special moment, a song for peace – Imagine sang by Garbiel.

That was followed by Al Bano’s Felicita sung in a duet with the singer itself.

Eiffel 65 – Movie Star

It’s not blue da ba dee, but has an interesting trumpet sound and of course, the signature voice that we all recognise. It was enjoyable and definitely fun.

Le Deva   – Fiori Su Marte

This is it! This is the best of the night so far. A beautiful ballad with lots of crescendo, powerful voices and perfect harmonies. If this is chosen, I will be more than happy. The public loves it too. Sure, there are lots of things to work on staging wise, but those can be polished.

Mayu – C’è Qualcosa In Me Che Non Fuziona

Mayu has a powerful voice and a cool look. I love her ability to transmit many layers with her voice. She reminds me of Roxen but with more attitude. I know Mayu is another one of the favourites of the night. I wouldn’t be mad if this one won, but I still prefer Fiori Su Marte.

Lorenzo Licitra – Never Give Up

Lorenzo won the season when Maneskin took part so a lot of pressure for him to do well. Lorenzo is presenting an 80’s pop synth song. It’s not a bad song and parts of it, interestingly, remind me of other hits from that era (can’t think of which now) combined with Freddie Mercury.

Mate – Prisma

Mate has won a special prize last year from the jury at Una Voce Per San Marino 2022. Mate is singing a retro-pop song with some disco vibes as well. The chorus reminds me a bit of this year’s ‘let me think about me’ from the Lithuanian selection. Not bad not wow either.

Tothem   – Sacro E Profano

This feels like an earworm but too bad the voice is shouty a bit. However, not a bad effort. You know I’ll always be a rock fan and if polished, this could have some potential. The sound was instantly familiar so I’m wondering where did I hear it before?

Edoardo Brogi- Due Punti Sull’equatore

The song starts with a very in- your-face synth and it’s no- brainer the song has the 80’s influence. I actually like this song and I think it has been underrated (as far as I saw on other sites). With a huge upgrade, I wouldn’t mind hearing this in Liverpool. I would light my phone to wave in the audience.

Why Jonathan? Why? Please may we please hear the acts? This is dragging far too long.

Ellynora – Mama Told Me

Ellynora has a clear-sounding voice but the song doesn’t go nowhere. I would listen to this gladly in a pub with some grub alongside. What was that background noise towards the end? Was it a mistake or that’s the song? If that’s the song, then seriously no no no.

Alfie Arcuri – Collide

Alfie is singing a mystical ballad. Unfortunately, the gigantic moon in the background distracts me. Please no more gigantic moons. They don’t work at Eurovision. Just ask Blas Canto 🙂 It was ok and only ok. I think I had high hopes from him and I wasn’t as impressed as I would have liked to be.

No more guests please. Just let the competitors sing 😀 There are only 2 acts left. We want to hear them.

Ronela – Salvaje 

Ronela is back but this time trying to represent San Marino. Ok, the song is a mix of Spanish and English and it wants to be a banger. I’m not entirely sure but at least the chorus is quite catchy. With a remix, I can see the whole arena in Liverpool dancing to this.

XGiove – Fuoco E Benzina

Tell me what will be of us he sings. This reminds me of Trenuletul last year if the lead singer was going through a break-up. No more fun but madness with an accordion. Not sure what I’m watching. At least it was the last act.

Soon we will find out the winner of Una voce per San Marino 2023 so stay tuned 🙂 If you have followed our blog from the start, I applaud you. If you have just joined, welcome.

For me, it’s between Le Deve, Mayu, Ronela, Lorenzo, Edoardo – In this order. Who’s your favourite?

Senhit was just read for not wearing heels ahahaha. Come on guys we want the winner. Before that, we will hear Miodio – the first San Marinese representant back in 2008.

Do not worry, I am still here. They awarded several prizes for best look, best radio friendly song and so on.

We have to wait just a little bit more until the legend Al Bano will sing.

Al Bano is one of the greatest musicians that Italy has produced.

And the winner of Una Voce Per San Marino 2023 is Piqued Jacks – Like an animal

Congratulations and see you in Liverpool. And to you, our reader, thank you for reading our blog and hope to see you again soon between our lines.

Good night, you are all superstars 🙂

Source: RTV San Marino

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