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#LIVEBLOG Lithuania Pabandom iš naujo 2023 – Heat 1 #JOINUS from 20:00 CET

Labas vakaras Europa, labas rytas Australija!

Tonight Lithuania’s selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 commences with the first of two Heats.

Eurovision Ireland’s own Bogdan is here behind the screen to give you his views on the show so stay tuned and refresh this page for updates!

Pabandom iš naujo! is live tonight from Vilnius where fifteen participants are competing for ten places in the Semi-Finals.

The fifteen artists competing this evening are:

  • Aistė Pilvelytė – “We’re Not Running”
  • Joseph June – “Vacuum”
  • Il Senso – “Sparnai” (Wings)
  • W.I – “You Can Not”
  • Multiks – “London”
  • Luknė – “Paradise”
  • Gabrielius Vagelis – “Šauksmas” (Shout)
  • Alen Chicco – “Do You”
  • Rūta MUR – “So Low”
  • Justin 3 feat. Dj AugustYno – “Not Giving Up”
  • Baiba – “When the Lights Go Out”
  • NOY – “Destiny’s Child”
  • Justa Rubežiūtė – “When I’ll Find”
  • Paulina Paukštaitytė – “Let Me Think About Me”
  • Justė Kraujelytė – “Need More Fun”

The ten qualifiers will be chosen by 50% public vote and 50% jury voting. On the jury for Heat One are:

  • Ramūnas Zilnys – LRT popular music chief editor
  • Leonas Somovas – Composer
  • Giedrė Kilčiauskienė – Singer
  • Ieva Narkutė – Singer

Augustė Nombeko and Giedrius Masalskis are hosting the show. Pabandom iš naujo! 2023 will consist of five shows; two heats, two semi-finals and a final. The complete calendar for the selection is as follows:

  • Heat 1 – January 21
  • Heat 2 – January 28
  • Semi-Final 1 –  February 4
  • Semi-Final 2 – February 11
  • Final – February 18

Watch the show live here but why not check our thoughts as well from 20:00 CET



Labas vakaras Europa, labas rytas Australija!

Are you ready? Brought your favourite snacks and drinks? Good. The show is about to begin in a few minutes 🙂

And we are live. Let’s see what Lithuania has in store for us.

Tonight 15 songs will compete and after a 50-50 jury and a public vote, 10 qualifiers will proceed to the first Semifinal.

Let’s start with the veteran of this contest, Aiste.

  1. Aistė Pilvelytė – “We’re Not Running”

We start the show with a ballad. I found it peculiar to start the performance with the back towards the audience. This sounds like a generic ballad and vocals were just ok. However, I doubt this is Aiste’s year. Love, peace, war, a lovely message but not enough oumph for me.

2. Joseph June – “Vacuum”

Joseph is joined on the stage by two dancers. The song is quite repetitive and robotic. No deep meanings this time only the fact that he doesn’t want to be touched and wants to live in vacuum. I can’t help thinking about him living in a vacuum machine :))

3. Il Senso – “Sparnai” (Wings)

Because Il Divo was already taken…

Lovely operatic lullaby served by Il SENSO tonight. The instrumental doesn’t seem to be more than a demo though. This song would have done better if performed in the 90s. Nice performance but not strong enough to move me. Personal thought – if you go opera, make it big not go only half-way.

4. W.I – “You Can Not”

Give me some of that saxophone and a good beat and I’m tapping my feet. So far, this is the song I’m enjoying the most. However, like all the other songs so far, it desperately needs a revamp. Fun and a bit funky, W.I. is doing a good job to perform this song. Please connect more with the camera.

5. Multiks – “London”

Multiks is really going full-on UK look with the flag and colours of the union jack in the background. You know what? I’m not mad about it. It makes me smile to see how excited he sings he’s got a ticket to London. Indeed, as a tourist, London is a great place to visit. Will be curious how the Lithuanian patriots feel about promoting London. I enjoyed this little pop-rock song. Of course, it’s not groundbreaking in any way but quite pleasant.

5. Luknė – “Paradise”

Lukne has a soft voice and her music style makes me think of SADE (This is no ordinary love). It clearly shows there was no choreograph involved in her performance or stylist but I’m loving her big smile and enthusiasm on the stage. This needs performance needs a better staging.

7. Gabrielius Vagelis – “Šauksmas” (Shout)

Gabrielius is singing about a broken heart and he’s giving the performance of the night. This sounds more contemporary and from what I’ve heard, it’s one of the contenders to flag Lithuania’s flag in Liverpool. I liked the black and white theme, and it reminded me a bit of Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria. Not bad, not bad

8. Alen Chicco – “Do You”

I must applaud Alen for his courage to push the boundaries and present a non-conformist performance on the stage. With a blond wig and a light pink from he wants us to want him. His voice when he yells, reminds me of Bono from U2. Not many words I can say… will be curious to say what the jury and the public decides.

9. Rūta MUR – “So Low”

Yes, give me those 80’s vibes, a song for the broken hearts and neon rollerblades! I just love his soft voice. Inside my brain, I hear a bit of Erasure. I’m surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did. I think I will play this later and I won’t skip it.

10. Justin 3 feat. Dj AugustYno – “Not Giving Up”

I’ll start with the positive: Justin has a lovely voice and has a charismatic presence. The composition though gives me a headache. The saxophone and those annoying beats in the background just don’t work. It’s like making a soup and throwing in the kitchen sink just for the sake of it. Please no.

11. Baiba – “When the Lights Go Out”

Baiba gives us another ballad to save the world. ‘Get away from the pain’? Weird choice of lyrics. I appreciate the effort; however, this theme has been done so many times and way much better. Of course I like the message of love but I don’t think it’s Baiba’s year either.

12. Justa Rubežiūtė – “When I’ll Find”

‘I can get some help but I just want to find myself’?

Seriously, who writes these lyrics? There’s nothing wrong with figuring out by yourself what you want in life and who you are. However, it matters the way you say it. I’m sorry, I wasn’t wowed by this song either.

13. NOY – “Destiny’s Child”

By the power of 3 pink, NOY is on the sage. I look at him and I think of Michael Rice. I appreciate he has tried to make a choreography on this ‘into your brain’ beat. The lyrics say nothing to me and I just wait for this song to be over. I’m not saying it was bad, I’m just saying I can’t connect to it.

14. Paulina Paukštaitytė – “Let Me Think About Me”

Finally! A good song, a good performance and a good song. Love it! Contemporary and charismatic, Paulina is serving this performance and I’m dancing along. I’d love a bit more connectivity with the camera but from what I’ve seen this night, this is the one for me.

15. Justė Kraujelytė – “Need More Fun”

Interesting choice to let the dancers perform for you the first minute, and only afterwards to appear on the stage. I felt cheated like someone is doing playback. The audience was too as not many applause were heard at the end. One thing to be interesting and innovative and one thing to hide from the stage and not connect with your audience. (and when you do, still hide behind sunglasses).

Well that was it. Now it’s time for the jury and the televoters to do their part.

For me, the top 3 is Rūta MUR (3), Gabrielius Vagelis (2) and Paulina Paukštaitytė (1). Do you agree? Who’s your winner tonight?

There is still time to vote if you are in Lithuania. We should have the results in about 10 minutes. Here are the results of the televote.

And the 10 semi-finalists are:

Thank you for following our live blog. See you next time!

Source: EBU/Nathan Reinds, LRT

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