#MALTA: Live blog of MESC QF2 from 21.00 CET

#MALTA: Live blog of MESC QF2 from 21.00 CET

Malta continues its selection process to find a song for Liverpool in May. Tonight is the second quarter-final (of three) to pick some songs to go forward. Join us as we dodge the adverts and describe the 13 songs vying for the golden ticket. You can watch the action HERE. All times below are GMT.

22.13 – And that’s it. We don’t know who will qualify yet. Thanks for watching. Goodnight!

22.12 – Here’s someone who wants to make a statement. Hmmm. This has to be seen to be believed. It’s rap with a Caribbean vibe, sort of sub-Shaggy. And it has a very eurobeat to it, Dark and smoky club? Maybe. Definitely a different way to finish the broadcast.

22.06 – Our final song comes from Matt Blxck (pronounced Black). He sings Up

22.05 – We got upbeat again, both in tempo and sentiment. Hmmm, I’m tapping my feet here. It’s very formulaic actually. The usual structure and a key change you can see coming from a long way off. Still, not that bad.

21.59 – The penultimate song tonight – song 12, comes from Dario – no, not song eight’s Dario. He sings Pawn in a game. Careful now.

21.58 – Is it Manel Navarro? Not quite. The ‘tropical’ vibe is there, the ukelele backing is there. But this is a better song. A bit cool, with a positive vibe as the title suggests. It bumps along nicely and would also work on a bigger stage with some very close camera angles – if that makes sense. Not bad.

21.50 – We’re nearly there. Song 11 tonight comes from Dan. He sings It’ll be OK.

21.45 – Mark has a guitar which he appears to be playing. He’s trying, really trying, but this song takes a little time to get going. There is a better chorus however, but this will struggle to make it any further. Sorry Mr Bartolo

21.39 – Song 10 comes from Mark Anthony Bartolo. It’s called Tears

21.38 – Brooke means business with her serious song that comes replete with trendy camera angles, a minimal but effective dance routine, and a catchy beat to it. More than most of the others so far, you could picture this in Liverpool, but it would be sunk if it had Albania next to it. Even though it’s pretty good.

21.30 – Song nine comes from Brooke. No, not Ireland’s Brooke. It’s called Checkmate and has some illustrious writers. They include Gerard James Borg and Lukas Meijer

21.25 – A ballad, but with a jingly-jangly edge to it. It’s not bad. Maybe could be a tad quicker, but it’s a proper love song, despite the intriguing title. However, it builds, and would look good on a big stage. Yep, this could go places. If it gets through to the semi-final.

21.19 – Song eight is Bridle road by Dario Bezzina

21.18 – This one is also a bit more upbeat, and screams girl power. Winning, losing, working, you get the idea. The beat is a bit more eastern, and I’m hearing elements of songs by Azerbaijan’s Efendi too. Pretty good, although it ends rather abruptly.

21.12 – Song seven comes from Kirstie. It’s called Girls get down

21.06 – Now we get a more upbeat song. Ian cuts a dash in a dark turquoise suit. And he has the moves too. While there are elements of cruise ship cabaret about this, you could also here it at a dark and smoky club (if this things still exist). One of the best tonight so far.

21.00 – Song six – yes, only song six – is from Ian. It’s called On my own

20.59 – Yep, another ballad. Maroe Claire means well, but this is probably another slightly dated song. It could be one of those songs where the audience waves its mobile phone lights at. But it doesn’t really go anywhere.

20.51 – We now have Marie Claire singing Thankful

20.45 – Another ballad. This has a softer arrangement and has an earnest delivery. It’s OK but doesn’t really get going until it’s probably a bit too late. The chorus is a tad repetitive too. But she does has a decent voice.

20.39 – Song four is Alone by Maxine Pace

20.38 – Ballad time. Yes, it was only a matter of time. And not a bad one either. Maybe could have been found in a Melodifestivalen in some years. Lyndsay stays relatively static and this could benefit from being performed in front of a big audience. There are some big notes too, so could be a challenging song.

20.26 – Song three is from Lyndsay. It’s called Haunted. After some ads

2015 – A quick tribute to velcro-clad Buck’s Fizz. Nice.

20.25 – This trio of drummer, saxophonist and vocalist give us something a little cooler. A bit more funky, but with a saxophone overtone (yes, I know that rhymes). He’s no Elic Sax Guy but does add something to proceedings. The singer songs about his sweater and has stuff written on his hand. It’s OK, but maybe a tad dated too.

20.18 – Onto song 2. It’s Dance (our own party) by The Busker

20.17 – We get a midtempo number with a big orchestration behind it. She is putting everything into it, but the song may seem a tad dated. It has an 80s big ballad sound to it. Not a bad opener.

20.10 – We’re onto song 1. It’s called Masquerade by Francesca Sciberras.

20.08 – After some adverts – the first of many no doubt, we see a montage of Maltese songs at Eurovision

20.01 – And we’re off…

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland, TVM Malta

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