Eurovision 2023

#UNITED KINGDOM: Press Release from the BBC on host city bidding process#Eurovision 2023

As we all now know, Eurovision 2023 will be held somewhere in the United Kingdom. Today the BBC has released a further statement regarding the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest host city bidding process.

There will be two stages to the host city bidding process, where the BBC and EBU will short list the potential host cities which meet the hosting requirements. They will also make the final decision as to the host city . The BBC today released the following statement with regards to ESC 2023 and the host city bidding process :

How do you apply to be a Host City? Any local authority interested in becoming a Host City can email

Does it cost to enter a bid? There is no charge to enter a bid. It is up to Cities whether they incur costs to support their bid.

Who decides who will be the Host City? The selection of the Host City for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be determined by the BBC and the EBU.

How does the process work? It is a two-stage process and to be considered, any potential candidates must meet a set of minimum standards that demonstrate they have the capacity, capability and experience to host an event of this scale and complexity.

What are the key requirements? The final decision on selecting the Host City will be based on a city or region’s capacity and capability in meeting the BBC’s and the EBU’s requirements, as well as availability of resources and general experience in hosting a large and complex event such as the Eurovision Song Contest.

For example, last year the EBU’s Host City criteria was based on providing a venue able to accommodate at least 10,000 spectators (as well as a press centre), that should be within easy reach of an international airport and with ample hotel accommodation.

Will there be different rounds? There will be two rounds. Once we have received applications, we will shortlist cities based on their ability to meet the requirements and their responses around capability and experience.

Will the government have a say on who hosts it? We may consult with the UK government but the decision on who will be the Host City will be determined by the BBC and the EBU.

When will you announce the Host City? We expect the process to be complete in Autumn and we will announce the successful Host City then.


The host city must meet the following set of requirements to be considered for hosting ESC 2023

  • An indoor venue that can house circa 10,000 spectators
  • An international airport in close proximity
  • Hotel capacity (2,000 rooms available) for delegations, artists, journalists and accredited officials
  • An efficient transport system in the city
  • Infrastructure/ venues/ locations to house the Eurovision Village, Press Centre, Delegation Bubble, Euroclub, Opening Ceremony Event, Turquoise Carpet.

It is the BBC’s intention to announce the name of the selected host city by Autumn .

Let us know what you think of the hosting bidding process and ESC 2023 in the UK .Do you have a preference for which city we go to ?

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : BBC

Image source : BBC

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