#DENMARK -what are the Danish media saying? : Reaction to last night’s Semi Final 1 result.

As we all know, last night saw this year’s Eurovision Song contest get underway with Semi Final 1 taking place in Turin ,Italy. Ten countries made it through to Saturday’s Grand Final.Unfortunately, Denmark was not one of them. This means that it is now two years running that Denmark haven’t qualified for the final, the last time this happened was in 2015 and 2016 when the groups Anti Social Media and Lighthouse X failed to make it to the finals in Vienna and Stockholm respectively . So what are the Danish media saying about this latest upset ? Our Eurovision Ireland regular, Sarah, who has part Danish roots and understands the Danish language , decided to take a look at what is being said in the Danish Media this morning .

Looking at the website for the Danish national broadcaster ,DR this morning , it appears that REDDI are not being blamed for the non qualification .If anything , they are being praised for their efforts. According to Grand Prix expert Morten Madsen who is behind the site Eurosong and has covered Eurovision for over 10 years, the finger is being pointed more at DR . He said the following :

“Denmark has not been good enough. We simply have not had the right song. I’ve had that feeling ever since the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. Respect for the girl’s efforts, they did what they could.But the song is just not good enough, I’ll have to state that . I have always felt pretty sure that it would not fall into Europe’s taste and neither did it .It’s an expected defeat , so now we have to get on the horse and think about next year.”

The feeling seems to be that songs for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix are being chosen for their appeal to Denmark rather than Europe as a whole. DR’s former Eurovision commentator , Ole Tøpholm, who commented between 2011 and 2020,seems to hold this view.

” Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision are two very different programmes . And that is a problem.If you want to be in the Eurovision final , because you will not get there if you only focus on what can do well on the radio in Denmark .Even though it sounds like a cliche , you need look no further than Sweden, they have solved the equation by creating big hits both at home and internationally . It’s not REDDI’s fault , it’s not Eastern Europe fault and it’s not about us starting to go up in gimmicks or wild stage shows. But there is a structural problem , and that’s why we are now starting to lose every year in Eurovision instead of doing well “

In response, the editor in chief at DR responsible for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix Erik Struve Hansen, rejects that it is “embarrassing ” that Denmark goes out of Eurovision before the final for the second year running but acknowledges that they do need to ” think about it in the big music festival that Eurovision is ,and how we can optimize the Danish field ,so that it both works in a Danish context but hopefully can do better for Eurovision next year”.

What do you think ? Do you think that Ole Tophølm and Morten Madsen have a point? What do you think Denmark should do to achieve success next year? Drop us a line in the comments box with your thoughts.

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : Eurovision Ireland,DR Nyheder

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