Eurovision 2022

#EUROVISION 2022 …And meanwhile, back in the UK . Coverage of the first days in Turin, from home soil !

Buona Sera Europa,Buongiorno Australia!

While John and Richard are doing a sterling job out in Turin , bringing you coverage from the Eurovision venue, those of us Eurovision Ireland team members who were unable to be in Turin did not want our lovely followers to think we’d disappeared off the scene , so……we have put our heads together and decided that just because we’re stuck in Blighty doesn’t mean that you should miss out on hearing our thoughts as to how things are shaping up in sunny Italy . Even if the four walls of our home aren’t quite the same as enjoying the sunnier climes of Turin ! 😦

Unfortunately , we are somewhat limited this year during the first few days , as there is no press access to the initial rehearsals, with our usual coverage. However , we have been able to get a look at the Press Meet and Greet sessions, which are basically the first press conferences given by each artist after they have done their 1st rehearsal. This actually gives a chance to get to know more about the performers from each country, so, I decided today to just give my thoughts on some of the Meet and Greet sessions from Day 4 in Turin , as seen online from the comfort of my sitting room! Today we have met the acts taking part in the second half of the 2nd Semi Final . Unfortunately due to having to deal with urgent matters today, I am unable to cover as much as I would usually like , so here are the four acts I have selected to review in their Meet and Greet sessions .Let’s take it away ….


Naturally being the Eurovision Ireland site, we were all keen to see Brooke’s Meet & Greet interview and I have to say this girl seems to be oozing with confidence, and also fun to listen to too ! Representing your country in one of the biggest song contests in the world can be daunting even for the most experienced performer but Brooke seems to be enjoying the experience so far.She started by telling us that Italy isn’t a new country for her, she has already been to Rome. Well Brooke, hopefully you’ll get time to see much more of it in the next two weeks . 🙂 . She talked about her staging and that it is more or less an expansion of that in her performance on Ireland’s Late Late Show, with her stage outfit for Turin going away from the Pyjama party type look in the National Final to that of a Superhero who is striving for independence! In other words , a demonstration of Girl Power . Unfortunately , Brooke seems to have a habit of losing things , she explained that wherever she has gone in the build up to Eurovision, she has lost something! Let’s hope she doesn’t lose anything by the time 12th May comes along , it really wouldn’t do for anything to do with her performance to be lost !Brooke works in an estate agency , a job she did to fill in time during Covid and she spoke about how supportive her work colleagues have been for her ventures to Turin. She’s apparently left her laptop there as a parting gift. I am just picturing the fight there will be in her office over it , especially if she wins the contest and someone wants it as a keepsake !She certainly talks the talk to do estate agency work .She feels honoured to be representing her country and feels that the pre-Eurovision parties have helped her to build confidence in preparation for the big stage in Turin .She said that she was glad she did them as it would have been quite daunting to go from a small studio stage to a large arena .She explained that her song “That’s rich” comes from a saying that her grandmother used to say , meaning that someone is a hypocrite. She paid tribute to her family and her team in Turin for all the support she has had in her Eurovision journey so far. Brooke just wants her performance to be an expression of fun . I am looking forward to seeing more of Brooke and her Turin adventures , Brooke, we at Eurovision Ireland are all rooting for you, you go girl !!!

POLAND-Krystian Ochman

Krystian comes across as a lovely , modest guy in his interview. He started by talking about his time when he was in high school in the USA playing the part of a Prince in Cinderella. H e initially aspire to be an actor but he ended up going in the direction of singing and isn’t ruling out appearing in musicals one day.He spoke of his staging, saying that he wants to keep it simple , giving the expression of inner peace and taking a break from all that is going on in the world. With the world in the state that it is at the moment , I am sure many of us feel this way too. Krystian admits to being a bit of a perfectionist but understand that this isn’t always possible. There will be many who relate to that too . Krystian was very modest about his chances in the contest , despite being one of the favourites for the win this year. All he wants is to do his best , he believes that the other participants all have something to offer. Krystian is clearly very family orientated he dedicates his polish grandfather as one of his biggest influences as far as singing is concerned as in his youth , grandfather took him to many operas in Poland.He said his family will be in Turin and he gets more stressed when his mother is watching him!

Krystian ended the interview giving us a few words of his Eurovision song. He has plans to release more songs after the contest. I am sure we will hear more of him long after the contest is over.

Czech Republik -We are Domi

This was another interview I was really looking forward to as I am a big fan of their song “Lights off”. Dominika, the lead singer tending to take centre stage with the two guys seeming quite happy for her to do this . Well it is her birthday today , so seems only right that she does ! 🙂 .They said that they were happy with the first interview and think the whole staging and performance will be “amazing”. They talked about spending time in lockdown , both in the UK and Czech Republic during the early times of the Pandemic and it was during those times they were writing songs, as there was not much else they could do .Dominika said that there goal is to make their music heard throughout Europe , Eurovision is a great opportunity to do this .Dominika explained the concept behind their song “Lights off ” saying it is about being trapped and then set free from restrictions to express your emotions. Something I think we can all identify with after experiencing the restrictions of the pandemic lockdowns and social distancing over the last two years! The interview ended with some of the other acts on video , wishing Dominika a happy birthday, which she seemed quite overcome by .

SWEDEN -Cornelia Jakobs

Cornelia didn’t get off to the best of starts today. She was late for her meet and greet and her ear monitor broke when she fell over but she’s lived to tell the tale and says it has been fun to be on stage today, describing it as ” beautiful “. She talked about how her song “Hold me closer” came about , saying it was during a relationship that wasn’t going well, was toxic and passionate and then broke up, she felt she wanted to write her song about that experience.She sings alone on stage and is currently striving to get the same vibes and expressions as she did on the smaller , Melodi festivalen stage .She talked about winning Melodifestivalen and said it was amazing to win the final, with her parents there. For those who don’t know, her father is the Poodles singer Jakob Samuel . She feels live performing is a form of therapy and regards this as more important than any money she can earn from it .Her musical influences are many . Britney Spears, Sting and The Cardigans ( she expressed a love of 90’s music) and she especially likes Nina Simone and Oasis. She showed us her jeans while interviewed, self-made with old necklaces. Her mother advises her on her clothing .As with the other performers, she gives us a quick rendition of her song “Hold me Closer “.

That folks, is a round up of the Meet and Greet today , Tomorrow we start the serious stuff of the 2nd rehearsals, which we will be able to bring live coverage of , so please #joinus ,to get an insight of our thoughts and opinions on the acts as they perform their second rehearsals . We kick off at 10 am CET .

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : Eurovision Ireland, RAI , You Tube

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