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G’day Europe , Good evening Australia. Today , we will find out who Australia will send to fly their flag in Turin in May. After a year’s gap,due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid -19 pandemic ,they have decided to hold another Australia Decides edition. Today, 11 acts will fight it out to see who will get the honour of representing the and down under in May . The winner will be decided by a 50% Jury vote,50% Televote . The presenters, as in the last two editions will be Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey. They will also be joined this year by Dylan Lewis in the Green room.

Last year , Australia were represented by Montaigne , who won the 2020 edition of Australia Decides, with her song “Don’t break me” . Unfortunately ,she never got to perform that song at Eurovision due to the cancellation of the 2020 contest due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions around the world. She was invited to perform at the 2021 contest , however, sadly for Montaigne, not only did she not get to go to Rotterdam due to the border closure in Australia due to Covid but she failed to qualify to the Grand Final , meaning it was the first time that Australia had failed to qualify for the final since they started participating in the semi finals in 2016. Let’s see if this year’s winner can bring Australia back to the final in Turin.

The acts will perform in the following running order

1.G-Nat!on – “Bite Me
2.Erica Padilla – “To the Bottom
3.Seann Miley Moore – “My Body
4.Charley – “I Suck At Being Lonely
5.Andrew Lambrou – “Electrify
6.Sheldon Riley – “Not the Same
7.Paulini – “We Are One
8.Jaguar Jonze – “Little Fires“ 
9.Isaiah Firebrace and Evie Irie – “When I’m With You
10.Voyager – “Dreamer
11.Jude York – “I Won’t Need to Dream“ 

So , today is not a day for a Saturday lie in, get your breakfast ready, relax and join Eurovision Ireland’s own Sarah for a morning of music and drama when we join the live webcast from Australia’s Gold Coast . You can watch the show via SBS’s Facebook Live link HERE .Or you can watch the show via SBS’s live channel HERE , they are apparently going to remove the geoblock .

You know the drill by now, to follow my thoughts and comments on the acts and the show as it happens, just ….


It’s a bit too early , go and cook yourselves a nice breakfast and come back at 10.30 CET , 9.30 UK time

And…welcome back,hope you’ve got your breakfasts , are sitting comfortably and ready to enjoy the start to Saturday morning in the UK and Europe . Now I know how it must be for the Australians when they’re having to watch Eurovision early in the morning !

Apologies folks , we are having problems with the live link up !

Just an update, it seems that there are problems in getting into the live link on SBS because SBS haven’t unblocked the Geoblock ! But, you can get the live show HERE , we haven’t missed much so far, thankfully .We’ve just seen the first act,G-NATION.

G-Nat!on – “Bite Me

A bit of girl power here , the girls give a great performance.

Erica Padilla -“To the bottom”

This is the wild card act .Erica is alone on stage surrounded by several spotlights with some backing vocals ( not sure if they are recorded backings ) . Her outfit is blue, short and she reminds me a bit of Jessica Mauboy. Her vocals are good but I would like to see more engagement with the camera. A good performance.

We’re over to Dylan in the Green room .The atmosphere looks great . Now we have an advert break already with only two songs in so far ! I thought this only happened in Europe !

And we’re back ! With Dylan in the Green Room again , talking with G-nat!on and Erica . They seem happy with their performance.

Seann Miley Moore – “My Body

Seann is kind of Australia’s answer to Austria’s Conchita Wurst and he is proud to be appearing in Australia Decides this year. He’s in a long cream dress,showing half his chest , with reflections of himself as a backdrop on stage. He then lies on the stage ,waving a cloth in the gay pride colours. His heart is in it but I feel sadly, the weakest performance so far .

Charley – “I Suck At Being Lonely

Charley is singing a song that she has written herself. She’s alone on stage , the dress is very like the one worn by Dami Imm ( Australia 2016). I feel that Charley tries hard but I feel her vocals aren’t quite giving it the strength that the song needs. It’s a lovely , quiet little ballad , I feel Charley needs to engage with the camera and give us more of her lovely smile .

And we have another ad break …..and we’re only 4 songs in ! I am obviously too used to the speed of the Nordic shows where they sail through each song very quickly .

We’re back with Joel and Myf , just introducing the next act .

Andrew Lambrou – “Electrify

Andrew says that most of his music influences come from Europe and he’s singing part of this song in Spanish.This is very 80’s in sound , Andrew starts with three bright red blocks,which then fade away and we then get lots of flashing , different coloured lights . Andrew is then joined by four backing dancers dressed in black who disrobe him from his jacket . The problem for me is that it doesn’t really stand out enough for me to want to vote for it . The audience seem to like this though .

Back to Dylan in the Green Room , speaking with Seann . He’s saying that his song is an expression of feeling good in your body .

Onto song 6 now , Sheldon Riley

Sheldon Riley – “Not the Same

Big cheer for Sheldon as he comes on stage . His outfit has been the talk of the rehearsals apparently. He is alone on stage, dark, moody , smoke surrounding him . He is in a long, thick black coat , with a beaded mask covering his face . he is really singing from the heart, then just towards the end of the song, he takes off the mask to reveal his true self. He is almost in tears as he sings . Very emotional stuff !I can see why this is a favourite to win .

And we have ……you guessed it, another Ad break ! And we have a news update too to go along with that !

Paulini – “We Are One

And we get some flag waving ! Paulini singing about being one and of the children of the universe, She’s charismatic, clearly enjoys performing and her vocals are spot on ! She’s joined by backing dancers waving flags . It’s a great performance and clearly went down well with the audience .Best performance so far .She’s clearly an experienced performer .

We’re back to the Green room again with Dylan .Along with a video about Eurovision fans and their contribution to what makes the show so unique.

Jaguar Jonze – “Little Fires

Those of you who are die hard Eurovision fans will remember Jaguar Jonze from two years ago in the 2020 Australia Decides, with her song “Rabbit Hole “.She’s come back for another try this year. There is no doubt that this lady knows how to perform and engage an audience. She starts off alone on stage in a dress with a cocoon like skirt. She sings with such emotion, you can see it in her facial expressions. You then see fires appearing underneath the skirt and it burns the skirt ,she then comes out of it and finishes the song , walking on the stage . Amazing performance and she has certainly got the biggest cheer of the night so far.

Only another three acts to go….and we have another ad break !

Back to Myf and Joel now .In hazmat suits ! Very glamourous !

Back to Dylan in the Green Room ,talking with Paulini ,then we switch back to Myf and Joel, pretending to be stuck in their hazmat suits. Think they are embracing the fact that Australia will be able to travel to the Eurovision venue this year, with Covid restrictions having been lifted .

.Isaiah Firebrace and Evie Irie – “When I’m With You

Isaiah needs no introduction, having performed for Australia at Eurovision in Kyiv in 2017 with “Don’t come easy”. He’s joined this time by Evie Irie , who confesses to having little eurovision experience .It starts off with Evie alone in stage singing the first notes, she’s then joined by Isaiah . It’s a bit of a rap/pop song and they perform well together .However, there’s just something lacking with it and I can’t put my finger on it . I am not sure this is the song for Turin .

And we’re back to the Green room to speak with Jaguar Jonze, then back to Myf and Joel, introducing the next act.

Voyager – “Dreamer

These guys describe themselves as providing “hi energy music ,heavy music ” That’s certainly what you get with them, I do feel the lead singer is overshadowed a bit by the other band members . but it certainly woke up the audience at the end .Interesting performance .

And we’re on to the final song at last ! Jude York. Just for information the jury votes were done the previous day when a Jury Show was held . The result will be decided 50% jury 50% public vote.

Jude York – “I Won’t Need to Dream 

Jude starts off sat at a piano with a background which looks like we’re at an old style theatre which then draws back the virtual curtains to reveal blue and white images of houses.He then moves away from the piano and is then surrounded by stars galore and bright spotlights. A nicely performed song but would it stand out in Turin amongst other ballads?

So that’s it, you’ve heard the songs ! Which one do you think should go to Turin ? Joel and Myf are back on stage now and we get a recap of the songs .

Back in the Green room chatting to Voyager and Jude .Jude telling us that the shirt he is wearing came from his grandmother ! Then back to Myf and Joel . And another recap….time for a toilet break me thinks .

We have Montaigne on stage performing .

She’s talking with Myf and Joel about her not going to Eurovision experience , although telling her successor to just have a great time .Now we’re having a short film of Myf and Joel’s journalistic travels across Europe for Eurovision.

The public vote has now closed !

A bit of a look at the ESC host city , Turin now and past ESC Contests held in Italy .It does look very nice !

Back to ad breaks again …we could be a while yet until the result .

We’re back ! now for one of the highlights of the show, KEIINO are performing !They are performing “On a night like this”

Back to Dylan in the Green Room…come on, let’s have the results!!

Oh, we are getting the jury votes now.

Jaguar Jonze has won the jury vote

Now for the public vote , this could all change

And after a close vote ….it’s

Sheldon Riley !!!

Only three points in it! Commiserations to Jaguar Jonze…so close !! Sheldon is going to perform again shortly.He’s very emotional bless him .

So Sheldon Riley will represent Australia in Turin with his song “Not the same “. Do you think Australia made the right choice today ? Let us know what you think .

Thanks for joining me today and bearing with the technical hitches we had at the start. Enjoy the rest of your day Europe, Goodnight Australia !

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : SBS

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