#QUIZ – Are YOU a Toxic Eurovision Fan?

Every year, the Eurovision Song Contest delights millions of people around the world who look forward to a night of celebrating peace, love and international friendship all set against a backdrop of music and entertainment. Eurovision fans are among some of the most devoted and enthusiastic of any fandom going and everyone who loves the contest will have stories of people from all over the world who they’ve met as a result of the contest. So many tales of friendship, love and even marriages that have grown based on loving Europe’s favourite TV show. It’s wonderful – so how come some fans so… well… toxic?

Not Eurovision, but makes a good point!

You know the kind of people I mean… those who claim to love Eurovision and seem to, but are also the first to criticise every step of creating the contest. Quick to belittle artists trying their hardest, ruthless in their opinions with never a kind word about anyone or anything…. and heaven help you if your favourites are different to theirs! Combining the subjectivity of music taste with virulent nationalism was always going to be a bit of a loaded cocktail… and it would be possible to write a book on such toxicity and its causes. But as any group is made up of individuals, it’s time for an uncomfortable question: are YOU a Toxic Eurovision Fan?

Most of you are no doubt very offended at the thought of being labelled a Toxic Eurovision Fan – but you will all know at least one person who fits the description. Some of you will also be wondering if some of the things you think, say and do could be considered toxic – well the good news is, now you can find out!

Before we head off to Turin, take Eurovision Ireland’s quiz to help you work out what kind of Eurovision fan you are. Do you take everything in your stride? Do you have the occasional grumble? Or are you full-on nuclear level toxic? And most importantly… are you brave enough to share your results with the world? 😉


Remember, if according to our quiz you ARE a Toxic Eurovision Fan, then there’s no need to be unhappy – it’s never to late to try something new and do things differently! 😀

Author: James Scanlan
Banner Image Source: adapted from lifehack.org

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