Eurovision 2021

#ESC22: Anger Over Naples Non-Bid

Riccardo Guarino, the President of the Naples Renaissance Association, has shown dismay at Luigi de Magistris, the Mayor of Naples. Riccardo Guarino had the following to say:

“This is a missed opportunity. Yet another, unfortunately, due to an administration that has shown again that it does not love Naples and is unable to seize the best opportunities to give it the stage it deserves. 

The Naples Renaissance Association has launched several campaigns for Naples to submit a bid but no one listened to us. I am disappointed that this city can be treated so badly. In recent months, any mention of tourism has disappeared from the political agenda. This new administration will have to seriously work in this sector, entrusting care to its people to seize opportunities like this because they represent great tourism relaunch opportunities that we can no longer afford to miss. The Association has drawn up a program for culture and tourism and we are ready to do our part.

We ask for the registration of a mayor who has mismanaged and not thought about the city for ten months. Luigi de Magistris, after yet another mistake made by your administration, prove you have some dignity and set Naples free.”

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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