#BIRTHDAY: Saara Aalto from Finland is 34 today

#BIRTHDAY: Saara Aalto from Finland is 34 today

Our friends in Finland have had a very spotty time at Eurovision. Only one win in xxx years, and very little else in the higher positions. It matters not, especially to the fans. They will love certain countries/acts/songs, however well or badly they do.

Today’s birthday girl Saara Sofia Aalto went to sunny Lisbon in 2018, and people were thinking she could do something special. She’d already done her time in certain talent shows around Europe, and then performed all the songs in UMK, and built up quite a head of steam along the way. Fast forward to May 2018, and she got through her semi-final, and had another three minutes on the hallowed stage with her props of an interesting nature. How did she do? Well you’ll need to watch the Grand Final to find out. Save to say she got the same score from the juries as from the televote. That’s quite an achievement.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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