Eurovision 2021

#Rumours Will Max Barskih represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2022?

Eurovision fans might remember Max Barskih from Evrobachennya 2012 – Natsionalyni vidbir, the Ukrainian National Selection for Eurovision, when he came 2nd with the song ‘Dance’.

Over the years, Max has gain popularity not only in Ukraine, but in the surrounding countries as well.

More and more often, fans from all over Europe ask themselves the question – “Will Max Barskih represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest? “

At the beginning of 2021, the press reported that the finalist of the Ukrainian National Selection 2012 – Max Barskih, may take part in the competition. Such news appears in the press of the CIS countries every year, but the artist does not comment on this in any way. An exception was Tayanna’s participation in the Ukrainian National Selection, where Max Barskih was the author of the song “I love you”, while Alan Badoev was the director for act.

This time, Max Barskih and Alan Badoev again fuelled rumours about participation at Eurovision, thanks to the new release of Bestseller, together with the singer Zivert. Fans from Russia have been wanting to send Zivert to Eurovision for several years in a row. This year, the artists did not fulfil the dream of Eurofans, but pleased everyone with a joint hit, which has already gained almost 10 million views, and this is an indicator of the first six days.

The song topped the charts Apple music in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and also holds leading positions in the CIS and Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova.

It took the artists exactly one year to create this duet. More than six months were spent on the song itself, the rest of the time was taken by the work on the video.

Max and Zivert released a cyberpunk story of loneliness. The modern world is rapidly losing human touch, people voluntarily digitise their feelings and emotions, exchanging them for likes and ratings on social networks. Hundreds of thousands of photographs today replace the touch and warmth of a kiss. The clip has a deep social connotation, in which a person is totally absorbed by technology, and virtual life has replaced reality.

Alan Badoev, Max Barskih and Zivert managed to create a story in which there is no happy ending.

Perhaps the next step for the artists will finally be Eurovision 2022? At the moment they were working on a joint hit work Bestseller, but in a year they may already become competitors!

Whilst Max is currently unable to enter Vidbir under the current rules due to his performances in Russia, we certainly hope these will change soon and Max can show the whole Europe what a star he is.

Would you like to see these artists on the Eurovision stage next year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Authors: Volodymyr Biriukov , Bogdan Fedeles

Source: Volodymyr Biriukov

Picture Source:  Ksenia Karigina

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