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#POLL – Best of Eurovision – DENMARK’s Even Years

Building on the success of our Best of the Big 5 series, Eurovision Ireland is now broadening its search for your favourite entries from countries across the continent, spanning the contest’s entire back catalogue – that’s well over 1500 songs!

We asked you which group of countries you wanted us to look at next and thousands of you voted. You wanted us to head around Scandinavia in search of your favourites and have already crossed Iceland and Finland off our Nordic itinerary – so next up, it’s Denmark!

They may be the smallest Scandinavian country, but what Denmark lacks up in size it more than makes up for in Eurovision know-how! The first Nordic country to win the contest back in 1963, they also boast an impressive 14 Top 5 finishes. If that wasn’t enough, just over half of ALL Denmark’s Eurovision entries finished in the Top 10 – proving rather conclusively that size matters not! So the question now is, which Danish Eurovision entry is your favourite?

Denmark have entered the Eurovision Song Contest 48 times and as always, we’ve still split the songs between Odd and Even Years. This week it’s the turn of your favourite Danish entries the Even Year – so songs that entered in years ending in 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0 – including their entry from the year that never was, Ben and Tam’s Yes!

Our poll for Odd Years yielded this Top 10 last week:

  1. Vi Maler Byen Rød (1989) – 269 points
  2. Only Teardrops (2013) – 238 points
  3. Never Ever Let You Go (2001) – 237 points
  4. Drama Queen (2007) – 193 points
  5. New Tomorrow (2011) – 165 points
  6.  Fra Mols Til Skagen (1995) – 162 points
  7. Disco Tango  (1979) – 161 points
  8. Under Stjernerne På Himlen (1993) – 140 points
  9. Sku’ Du Spørg’ Fra No’en? (1985) – 134 points
  10. Dansevise (1963) – 116 points

Your favourite not here? Take a look HERE to see where the other songs finished. Now it’s time to see who joins this Top 10 for Denmark’s final next week!


Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland

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