Eurovision 2021

#DENMARK : Tonight, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021. LIVE BLOG from 20:00 CET 19:00 GMT

Tonight , Denmark holds the 2021 edition of its Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to choose who will fly the Danish flag for them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam . Tonight we have 8 acts instead of the traditional 10 fighting for the golden ticket to Rotterdam. This year, due to ongoing Corona virus restrictions in Denmark , there will again be no live audience and Denmark’s national broadcaster DR have decided to go with a smaller venue, their studios DR Byen . The hosts tonight will be Martin Brygmann and Tina Muller .The winner will be decided by a mixture of public and jury vote , with the 8 acts being reduced to three for a Super final and the winner of the Superfinal will go on to represent Denmark in Rotterdam.

The 8 acts competing tonight, in running order are :

  1. Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn “Højt over skyerne”
  2. Nanna Olivia “Hvileløse hjerter”
  3. The Cosmic Twins “Silver Bullet”
  4. Claudia Campagnol “Abracadabra”
  5. Mike Tramp “Everything Is Alright”
  6. Fyr & Flamme “Øve os på hinanden”
  7. Emma Nicoline “Står lige her”
  8. Jean Michel “Beautiful”

Join me , Sarah at 20:00 CET 19:00 GMT , when I will be blogging the action as it happens from Copenhagen , with my thoughts on the acts and how I think they will fare . Please do feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think as the action happens, it’s always interesting to see how musical tastes differ !

You can also follow the live action from Copenhagen via the DR1 channel if in Denmark or the live stream HERE


You’re too early ! Come back later at 20:00 CET 19:00 GMT and #joinus for a great night !

Godaften Europa , Godmorgen Australien! So, in a few minutes time , we’ll be going live to DR Byen in Copenhagen ready for tonight’s show, so get your drinks and snacks at the ready ,settle down and follow tonight’s events with me . As said before, because of ongoing Corona virus restrictions in Denmark and indeed throughout Europe , there is no live audience . Perhaps if we shout loud enough , they will be able to hear us in Copenhagen ! 🙂 . By the way, I haven’t heard any of the songs yet, so tonight really will be a first impression that you get from me .

Just waiting for DR to give us access to the live stream . What has impressed me this year is that there are quite a few Danish language songs tonight ,it’s a long time since we have seen so many in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix

And we’re in….the hosts Tina and Martin , havinga bit of pre contest banter, in a school room, talking of the best things of Denmark …

And here they …..

Just greeting everyone and explaining about the virtual greenrooms, this is how we may see proceedings in Rotterdam !

Just explaining the rules tonight , now onto the first act…they don’t hang about these Danes! Have to stay I think Tina looks a lot like Natasja Krone , who presented ESC 2001 for Denmark

  1. Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn “Højt over skyerne”( High above the clouds)

Here we have two guys dressed quite casually with female backing singers and a mini orchestra in the background.It’s a jolly little number and I like the fact it’s in Danish .They’ve used quite a flash backdrop where you can see them both flying . It’s quite a nice happy little song but not sure how the ESC audience would take to it

Nanna Olivia “Hvileløse hjerter” ( Restless hearts)

Over to the green room before we see Nanna .

Dressed in al blue , leather trousers and denim blue jacket, Nanna is joined by two backing singers . She’s making the best of the limited facilities in the studios , trying to keep a good camera connection but for me, although her vocals are good , it’s hard to tell how this would be on a larger stage. The song doesn’t really do anything for me and it’s really easily forgettable . Sorry Nanna

The Cosmic Twins “Silver Bullet”

So, here we have Denmark’s answer to Jedward, two identical twins, minus the weird hairstyles.! They are amongst the favorites to win tonight. Stage backdrop of silver bullets and what looks like red blood.! It’s a very 80’s sound and their dress, black spangly suits is very 80’s too. The song is a little more lively than the others so far but it lacks something to make it a competitor . I think it’ll make the final three but if this goes to Rotterdam would struggle to make the semi final me-thinks ! Not too sure about their vocals wither, they sound a bit out of tune at times .

Claudia Campagnol “Abracadabra”

Now this is nice ! Claudia is alone on stage, sat at a piano and the stage backdrop looks like she’s in a forest, clever images of Claudia walking through that forest , it’s impressive considering the small stage .It’s a gentle ballad and Claudia’s vocals really do carry the song well. I really like this and think this is the best so far. If this doesn’t make the Super Final I will be disappointed .

This is how the ” audience looks tonight !

Mike Tramp “Everything Is Alright”

Just been told by the hosts it’s a classic rock and roll song we’re expecting and judging by Mike’s fan base in the green room this may well be the case . It is the case, , we have three guys in stage with guitars, dressed in casual gear, telling us that everything is all right . I usually like a bit of rock and roll but this is a bit of a rock/pop mix and to be honest, a bit dull for my liking . It’s kind of a bit of a mix of Brink ( DK2009 ) and Simon Mathew ( 2008) but not as good. Sorry Mike Tramp.

At the moment…..I am struggling to pick 3 for the Super final ! This is quite a bland final compared to others I have seen over the years, but maybe the down scaled venue may be playing a part ?

Fyr & Flamme “Øve os på hinanden” ( Practice with each other)

The two guys seem to be keeping social distancing measures well on stage as they are stood apart on two podiums . Again very 80’s dress and the song again sounding very 80’s . It’s a lively pop song and it’s ok but again it’s not grasping my attention or giving that instantaneous ” oh this is a winner ” feel . Again a disappointment .It’s ok but ….that’s it , just ok .

Emma Nicoline “Står lige her” ( Stand right here )

Another Danish language song, this is the first time Emma is performing live tonight .By the way the composers of the song are in their respective virtual greenrooms and we see them before the performer of their song appears on stage.Emma dressed all in white with two backing singers and percussion on stage I have to say for a first live performance ,she’s pretty confident, it’s not a bad performance either. It’s not a bad song, with a bit of work could do ok .

We nearly there….! So far,it’s been quite disappointing but to be fair to the performers they have to make the best of the limited stage facilities. With a large arena and audience, it may have made a difference to some of the acts .

Jean Michel “Beautiful”

Dressed in all black , Jean Michel has quite a unique hairstyle ! Dressed in balck and joined by contemporary dancers in white, it’s not a bad performance .His vocals are good and it’s really quite a nice song .Clever backrop where you see several people joining him virtually , singing along. A good performance, deserves the Super Final

So that’s it, you’ve heard them all , Who is your favourite? We’re getting the play back now of the performances . It’s hard to pick but I think the three for the Super final will be Claudia, The Cosmic Twins and Jean Michel .

Hosts asking people to keep voting . Voting closed now . Going though a bit of Eurovision history now as you do …

Just to remind you tonight the acts going through to the Super Final and the eventual winner will be decided by a mix of jury and public vote .

Lots of familiar faces in this . Mans Zelmerlow, Mocedades , Salvador Sobral and who could forget Johnny Logan ! Can’t have a review without him! Have they fallen out with Emmelie De Forrest, didn’t include her ?

We have another look at the virtual audience

Now we are having a bit of a quiz about Denmark in Eurovision , one question being how many times have Denmark won Eurovision , answer…….three and we are now seeing those three acts who won for Denmark, they didn’t forget Emmelie after all ! Looking back at Denmark’s victories !

And here she is …….

On with the Eurovision history …Dschingis Khan , Loreen, Sophie and Magaly , bless them and not forgetting Conchita …..who won in Copenhagen in 2014 ! Ahhhhh the memories !

Oh, here’s the results….Who is going to the Super Final ?

Fyr og Flamme are through

Chief 1 and Thomas are through

Jean Michel is through

1/3 for me !! 😦 Surprised that Claudia didn’t get through , I thought she gave a lovely performance but then again the Danish public can be unpredictable in how they vote

So now they perform and the Danish public vote again

Fyr og Flamme –

A much more confident performance this time and have to say on second listen it’s not bad ! The guys are making the most of the small staging and this should do well with a live audience . I know my Danish family quite like this !

Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn “Højt over skyerne”( High above the clouds)

Not really a surprise these guys got through, they are quite popular in Denmark .It is a happy little song and one I could listen to on the radio but for me it lacks that immediate engagement to make me vote for it . The guys perform it well but I would like to see how this would look on a bigger stage .With a live audience cheering along it may have made the difference .The staging graphics are quite impressive though with a point where you see the guys look as if they are flying through the air !

Jean Michel “Beautiful”

For me this guy has the best vocals of the night and I think the lyrics will strike a chord with many people in Europe after the pandemic, it talks of Coming out of the shadows and stepping out of the light, we are beautiful and we will make it through , which is probably how many of us will feel coming out of the lockdowns ! Nice performance .

So we have heard all of the Super final songs .We get a reprise of the three songs now . Who do you think will win ?We are now being treated to a performance of Fra Mols til Skagen…not from Aud Wilken but a male singer called Andreas, who looks a bit like Jimmy Sommerville from Bronski Beat and Communards fame .Voting is now closed ……that was quick !

here’s the result already !!

And the winner is ….

Fyr & Flamme “Øve os på hinanden” ( Practice with each other)!!!

They reprise the winning song ….

Will they leave the song in Danish or translate to English for Rotterdam ?

Well, what do you think ?Do you think the right act won tonight? Let us know by dropping us a line .

Thank you for joining me tonight, it’s been fun . Goodnight Europe ! Good morning Australia

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source : DR

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