#LiveBlog Spain: Destino Eurovisión – Join Us from 22:00 CET

Buenas noches Europa, buenos dias Australia, this is Madrid calling!

Tonight, Spain decides their representative for Eurovision 2021 in a fantastic show: Destino Eurovisión!

The 2021 Spanish national final will see 2 songs battling for the golden ticket to Rotterdam and will be hosted by Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela . The winning song will be determined 100% by the public’s vote.

Destino Eurovision‘ will be broadcast live at 22.00 CET  on TVE  –  rtve.es .

Blas Cantó will perform his two potential Eurovision entries (Memoria and Voy a quedarme) during the show. 

The show will feature numerous Spanish singers, some of which you will surely be familiar with:

  • Pastora Soler (Spain 2012)
  • Vanesa Martín
  • Edurne (Spain 2015)
  • Nia
  • Andrés Suárez
  • Cepeda
  • Roi.

Eurovision Ireland’s own Mr B (Bogdan) is here to give you the comments you’re all waiting for! To get the latest ones, just simply refresh this page 😉


Buenas noches Europa, buenos dias Australia, this is Madrid calling!

Hello everyone, I hope that you got comfortable. The show is about to start in a few minutes.

Buenas noches! We are finally live and Blas Canto starts with a mix of Eurovision hits.

From La La La to Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi and Bailar Pegados … Blas is doing a fabulous job. Of course the mix ends with his 2020 song Universo.

The hosts of tonight Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela.

There are two songs that the public can vote for “Memoria” and “Voy A Quedarme”.

Soon the televote and the online vote will be close, then Blas will interpret his two songs. Afterwards the vote will be once again open. The song will be decided only by the public.

  1. Voy A Quedarme – I Will Remain

Blas sings with conviction this sincere ‘letter’ and I am thoroughly enjoying this.

He promises to stand by their side, while the background turns from a moon eclipse to a shiny moon.

His vocals were a bit shaky on the last note, but I it was a solid performance. It is live after all. Well done!

At this moment, the vote stands like this. There is a clear winner, but we don’t know which song.

The votes can change by the end of the night and soon the online voting will be opened again.

If you are in Spain, these are the numbers to vote.

2. Memoria

The backgrounds is at the beginning a colourful rainbow, then are treated to laser beams. Unfortunately. the harmonies of the backing-vocals with Blas do not sound as they should. We even see Blas taking his ear piece out of one ear.

The song definitely has potential and I really enjoyed a more vibrant scenery.

The vocals blended better towards the end of the song, but I think I prefer ‘Voy A Quedarme’.

What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

Blas has said that he wrote ‘Voy A Quedarme’ (I will remain/stay) when he lost his grandmother last December. 2020 was a hard year for Blas Canto , considering he lost his father too. I did not know this fact. I understand now why I saw more conviction while he sang the first song.

Blas Canto took part in the national selection for Junior Eurovision and came second that year (18 years ago).

Blas Canto is surely not a stranger to Eurovision. He was part of the band Auryn who tried to represent Spain at Eurovision Song Contest 2000.

Blas charmes us again, singing his favourite song ‘Complicado’ (Complicated) with Vanesa Martin from his debut album (2018).

Vanesa says that besides being a good vocalist, Blas is a funny guy and he makes her laugh and he is also passionate about music.

We now see for the first time a recap of the two songs and the ways to vote.

Now it’s time for Edurne to duet with Blas Canto. They sing the famous song ‘Somebody to love’ by Queen.

You cannot beat a Queen song. I think it was a wise choice as people really enjoy this tune.

Edurne declared that there is no one better to represent Spain this year than Blas.

Seeing the recap of the songs, I still think that ‘Voy a quedarme’ is my favourite.

In the above pictures you can see the composers of the songs.

As an interesting fact, for ‘Memoria’ , Blas recorded his vocals at home. That’s impressive!

Blas Canto just said that it is really important to sing from the heart.

Old friends from Eurovision Junior are now waiting to suprise Blas in a few moments.

The surprise was a success! Blas is visible emotional.

This is more special as the song sings about friendship.

Blas says that they were like brothers and sisters. He thanked them for being present at this gala.

The battle of the songs is not as easy as I initially thought.

Another beautiful song, Lucia, sang by Blas an his friend Andres Suarez – that he met at Junior Eurovision.

We briefly saw a top 10 of the best Eurovision songs. At number 1 was of course Loreen.

It’s time now for Nia to sing with Blas Canto. This is really a Blas Canto and friends show. Great choices, great voices.

Time for some tweets. Eurovision History?

Beatriz, another friend of Blas Canto says that to be successful at Eurovision , you have to be an experienced singer and Blas is the perfect candidate.

Another song, this time with Roi and Cepeda.

This is a good show, but I bet all of us want to find out who is the winning song.

What an entrance! Pastora Soler, one of the best acts Spain has ever sent to Eurovision.

Pastora reaffirms that Blas Canto is the perfect choice for this year.

The last duet of the night, Blas and Pastora Soler, El no soy Yo (He is not Me)

Soon, we will find out the winning song. Just a few minutes left. Which one will be?


Just a few more moments. Are you curious? I am !

Until the votes are counted, Blas sings Amar Pelos Dois – the Spanish Version. Before singing, Blas thanked all the medical staff for their efforts in this pandemic.

The battle is close.

And the winning song is Voy A Quedarme!

Congratulations Spain for choosing your song for Rotterdam. Did your favourite song win?

Thank you to everyone that followed this blog, we hope that our enjoyed our coverage.

Good night Europe, good morning Australia! See you soon!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland, rtve.es

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