Eurovision 2021

#NORWAY : Second Chance Round : Jorn wins ticket to the Melodi Grand Prix Final !

Tonight Norway held its Second Chance show to choose which act would get the last remaining ticket through to the Melodi Grand Prix Final , to be held on Saturday 20th February at the H3 arena in Fornebu , Norway. Fifteen acts took part , with videos shown of their performances instead of a live show and the show hosted by Ronny Brede Aase, Kåre Magnus Bergh and Silje Nordnes. The 15 acts were as follows:

  1. Stina Talling – Elevate
  2. Beady Belle – Playing With Fire»
  3. Jorn – Faith Bloody Faith
  4. Ketil Stokkan – My Life Is OK
  5. Daniel Owen  – Psycho
  6. Maria Solheim – Nordlyset
  7. Dinaye – Own Yourself
  8. Big Daddy Karsten – Smile
  9. Ole Hartz – Vi Er Norge
  10. Marianne Pentha & Mikkel Gaup – Pages
  11. Landeveiens Helter – Alt Det Der
  12. Royane – Circus
  13. TuVeia – Bli Med Meg På Gar’n
  14. RIVER – Coming Home
  15. Ane.Fin – Walking In My Sleep

The winner was decided 100 % by public vote . Jorn won the Golden ticket to Saturday’s final, with the song Faith bloody Faith , you can see their performance below .

Jorn will join the pre qualified acts and those who qualified from the 5 heats in the final . The final line up is :

  • TIX – Ut Av Mørket
  • Atle Pettersen – World On Fire
  • Stavangerkameratene – Barndomsgater
  • Kaja Rode – Feel Again
  • Rein Alexander – Eyes Wide Open
  • KEiiNO – Monument
  • Blåsemafian ft. Caroline ‘Hazel’ Teigen – Let Loose (winner of Semi-final 1)
  • Raylee– Hero (winner of Semi-final 2)
  • Emmy– Witch woods (winner Semi-final 3)
  • KiiM– A lovely voice (winner Semi-final 4)
  • Imerika– I can’t escape ( winner Semi-final 5)
  • Jorn-Faith bloody Faith

#Joinus on Saturday for the final show in this year’s Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix when we will bring you a live blog of the show .

Author: Sarah Rudman

Source -NRK

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