Eurovision 2020

#USA The American Song Contest to Debut on 2021

According to an article published by, the American Song Contest will have its debut during the 2021 holiday season.

Following the same format as the Eurovision Song Contest, the American Song Contest will feature participants from all 50 States, all performing original songs, on a live televised event.

The contest producer and creative director of the American version will be none other than Christer Björkman. He stated for, “To have a chance to use everything you know about the format and redo it from the beginning and to bring it to an audience that has no history with it is such a privilege.”

Ben Silverman – executive producer, said that he had spent 20 years trying to pursue this contest happening. He also stated for “When America is more fractionalized than ever and we are dealing with so many issues that divide us, the one [thing] that truly unites us is our culture. …  It can unite it by celebrating its diversity, its distinctions and in pulling everyone around its love of music and its love of song.”

Justin Timberlake – Special Guest @EurovisionSongContest2016 Source YouTube

More details to follow!


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