Eurovision 2020

#ICELAND – JaJa Ding Dong Restaurant opens in Húsavík!

PLAY JA JA DING DONG!!! Yes, you read that right – everyone’s favourite song from everyone’s favourite movie now has its own restaurant in Húsavík!

Earlier today the JaJa Ding Dong Húsavík opened in the Icelandic town, setting of Will Ferrel’s film, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. It was the brainchild of Örlygur Hnefill Örlygsson, curator of the Húsavík Research Museum and hotel manager of Húsavík Cape Hotel and his business partner Leonardo Piccione, who are both big fans of the contest and this year’s movie.

“It’s off to a good start and we’re just incredibly excited for the summer,” said Örlygur to Icelandic news portal Mannlí JaJa Ding Dong Húsavík plans to serve coffee, cakes, pies, beer and even a Double Trouble cocktail! We can’t wait to try that!

“We are working on setting up a Eurovision collection here” says Örlygur, “and will be in contact with the producers and screenwriters of the film about access to it at a later stage. It would be nice to tell just about the movie at such a collection,” – sounds like this place will become a vertiable shrine for all Eurovision lovers heading to Iceland! Once travel becomes more stable and safer, you can bet Eurovision Ireland will be heading right up to Húsavík!

Would you love to visit Húsavík and the Jaja Ding Dong? Do you think Húsavík’s Eurovision connection will draw more tourism to this remote Icelandic town?

Let us know what you think!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Mannlí

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