Eurovision 2020

#WATCH: Eurovision Coverage For Tuesday 12th May 2020

Here we outline the television and online coverage of all Eurovision 2020 programming for today. All times are in CET. With Australia’s timezone been so different, their programming can be seen HERE.

Here is a list of programming in chronological order:

  • 13:50: FINLAND – Eurovision Diaries – YLE2
  • 15:50: ICELAND – Eurovision Song Contest 1999 – RUV
  • 18:55: FINLAND – Eurovision Diaries – YLE2
  • 20:30: LITHUANIA – Eurovision: Stories You Haven’t Heard – LRT
  • 21:00: BULGARIA – Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final 2007 – BNT1
  • 21:00: EBU – Eurovision Song Celebration – ESC YouTube
  • 21:00: MALTA – Eurovision Special Programme – TVM
  • 21:40: ICELAND – Eurovision Pre-Party – RUV

We have tried our best to include all the programming available to view. We apologise if we have missed anything.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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