#BIRTHDAY: Amir from France is 36 today

BIRTHDAY: Amir from France is 36 today

Do you ever get caught up in the storms of interest that surround some songs? A momentum builds behind [insert song here] and people think it just has to show up to win. The fan community can sometimes get it very very right, or very very wrong.

Of course, it does all come down to that crucial performance, and the fact that most people who watch and televote are not part of the devoted fan community. Back in 2016, our friends in France thought they were onto something. Today’s birthday boy לורן עמיר חליפה חדידר חדד/Laurent Amir Khlifa Khedider Haddad, better known as Amir. As we know, he went straight through to the final, and managed a sixth place. Many people would kill for a finish like that, but I suspect France 2 was a little disappointed. What was it that went wrong?

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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