Eurovision 2020

#IRELAND: Johnny Logan To Star In “Keys To My Life”

“Keys To My Life” is a programme on RTE One every Sunday at 20:30 GMT. It will also be available on the RTE Player. The programme see’s seven Irish personalities reveal how the places they’ve lived in have shaped their lives in this unique and intimate celebrity biography show. From childhood home to first rented flat and beyond, each property opens another chapter in the celebrity’s’ life story – it also sees them reunited with surprise faces from their past.

This Sunday (5th April), episode two will air, featuring Johnny Logan. Taking us from his adopted home in Copenhagan to his first childhood home in Howth, via his teenage years in Drogheda and a very sobering 5 years in London when, post ‘What’s Another Year’ Johnny’s life went into freefall. This episode amounts to an extraordinary story of seizing triumph from the jaws of failure – and the endurance of a man who had to learn to rebuild trust in his own talent.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: RTE

Categories: Eurovision 2020, Ireland

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