#BULGARIA: News Surrounding Victoria’s 2020 Entry

As we already know, Bulgaria will be represented by Victoria on their return this year. Earlier today, BNT released some bullet-pointed information regarding her entry in a press release. The bullet-points were:

  • The Bulgarian song and music video for Eurovision 2020 will be presented on 7 March. The live TV premier of the song will be on the Bulgarian national television’s Saturday morning show “Denyat zapochva s Georgi Lubenov”.
  • The music video is a co-production between the music label behind VICTORIA and her participation at Eurovision Ligna Studios and the Bulgarian production company Four Elementz
  • The video is codireted by Victoria herself, together with the Bulgarian director and screenwriter Viktoria Karakoleva, who is part of the production company Four Elementz
  • Rosen Savkov from Four Elementz is executive producer of the music video project and is the director of photography (DOP)
  • VICTORIA says about the project: “The story of the song and the video is really close to me. It is about the challenges we face in our life and how we find the strength to continue.”
  • Genove Christova from Ligna Studio says: “It wasn’t easy for us to choose the song but we are really happy a lot of people believed in it. Our team reached a consensus about the song and Victoria was really happy about that. The slogan Open Up works really well for this project because our message aims to inspire the young people who often face difficulties in their daily life.
  • The video is in one shot format and it is filmed by the latest camera technology ARRI ALEXA Mini LF.
  • Viktoria Karakoleva, codirector of the video says: “We decided to use the one shot film technique in order to allow the viewers to connect with VICTORIA and her emotions. The lack of editing allows them to experience the real feeling of the song. The video shows VICTORIA’s inner world and the elements of nature illustrate the turmoil inside her.”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: BNT/Vasil Ivanov

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