Eurovision 2020

#EYM20: Slovenia To Hold Semi Finals On 3rd & 4th February

Twenty three participants will take place across two Semi Finals tomorrow and Tuesday (3rd & 4th February). These will take place at the Hall of Slovenian Composers of Conservatory of Music and Ballet, in Ljubljana. Each Semi Final will start at 12:00 CET.

The Semi Finalists taking part are (categorised by their instrument):

  • Saxophone – Neja Anderle, Tia Ivajnsic, Lan Meden, Tadej Pance
  • Harp – Sara Bajc, Zarja Javh Dobernik, Katarina Polsak
  • Horn – Sebastijan Buda, Ruben Hladnik
  • Violin – Laura Calligaris, Tjasa Klanac
  • Cello – Sofia Grassi, Bor Kracun-Pizmoht, Alma Pletersek, Neza Verstovsek
  • Piano – Vid Ibic, Klara Luznik, Marko Matajic
  • Guitar – Tim Jurkovic
  • Flute – Meta Pirc
  • Percussion – Alexander Simionov
  • Clarinet – Urban Sifrar, Luka Vovk

A Jury will select a number of these participants to progress to the National Final on Wednesday 25th March. It is currently unclear whether or how it will be broadcast.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix

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