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#Norway : Tonight ,4th semi-final : Live Blog from 19:50 CET #Openup

God Kveld Europa! God morgen Australia !Yes, a week goes by very quickly and it’s time once again to travel to Norway for the 4th semi final in their quest to choose who will succeed last year’s act Keiino in Rotterdam in May ! Tonight it’s the turn of West Norway to select a finalist .As has been the case the last 3 weeks, four acts will compete in two duels with the winner of each duel then competing for that golden ticket to the Grand Final of Nowegian Melodi Grand Prix on 15th February in Trondheim.

The four acts hoping to be chosen by the Norwegian public tonight are :

Hege Bjerk -” Pang”

Magnus Bokn -“Over the Sea”

Nordic Tenors “In this special Place”

Oda Loves You-” Love who we love”

As has been the case with the last three semi finals one of the already pre qualified finalists will perform their entry and tonight, it’s the turn of Ulrike Brandstorp with her song ” Attention”.

Join me, Sarah at 19:50 CET for our live blog of the events as they happen at the H3 Arena, Fornebu . As with the other semi finals, I have chosen not to listen to any of the acts before the show,so what you will get will be my opinion on first viewing/listen. Please feel free to comment during the show and let me know your views as they may differ quite a bit to mine . You know the drill, just follow the blog by REFRESHING THIS PAGE.

You can also follow the action for yourself HERE


You’re a bit too early ! 😊 #joinus later at 19:50 CET .

Welcome back everyone , we’ll shortly be starting proceedings for the evening in Norway. Hoping we don’t get the technical hiccup that we had last week at the start of the show ! Hoping that Norway will give us something that will make us sit up and take notice this week, have to admit,I’m not overly excited about the three acts that have gone through to the final so far. As always , our hosts tonight are Kåre Magnus Bergh, Ingrid Gjessling Linhave and Ronny Brede Aase.

And we’re into live norwegian tv…. the norwegian lottery !!! No I haven’t bought a ticket for this , Only for the Norwegians 🙂 .

Here we go…….starting with a recap of last week . Usual scene of the three hosts looking as if they’re having a conference sat at a table .And here they come … some rather weird dress |!

Now introducing the acts for tonight .We’ll have the draw for the duels tonight shortly .Wait until you see Hege’s outfit! It’s quite something !

Here’s the draw………

Duel 1 – Magnus Bokn v Oda Loves you

Duel 2 Hege Bjerk v Nordic Tenors

Just explaining the voting for tonight …only in Norway ofcourse!

So to duel 1

Magnus Bokn -” Over the sea

Magnus sat on stage with a female violinist and backing singers with drummer on stage. It’s a very country like number with the backing singers now skipping around stage. Magnus casually dressed in trousers and shirt with braces and cap , it’s a nice little opening number rather too sugar sweet for me

Over to the Magnus fan club in the audience…his mum !

Oda Loves You ” Love who we love”

Watching this makes me wonder if I am looking at a night out at the local brothel instead! Stage full of scantily clad dancers with Oda and joined on stage by what looks like a couple of gymnasts at the olympics ! My eyes are literally popping out of my head, it’s quite Eurovision !

Recap then acts now back on stage ready to hear their fate . Host has mentioned the Spice girls, not sure what that’s about !

Winner of first duel – Magnus Bokn! He will now go through to face the winner of duel 2

They are talking to Ulrike Brandstorp, the pre qualified fanialist, we’ll hear more from her later

Now for Duel two

Nordic Tenors -“In this special place

They are a trio of guys,starting off with one of them singing alone on stage , then joined by his co singers, good vocals and well performed . It’s a slow , uplifting ballad , lovers of “real music” ( to quote Salvador) would love this but it’s a bit like something we would hear from a Disney movie to be honest, it’s ok .

Over to the family support in the audience….

Hege Bjerk -“Pang”

The intro didn’t sound unlike Margaret Berger in 2013 with ” Feed you my love” , I am struggling to work out why Hege is dressed like a pink and orange star? Is this Eurovision 2020 or 21 20 ????, she’s alone on stage surrounded by what looks like blocks of triangles. It’s different from any of the ones we’ve seen tonight, I quite like it in its own way .

Now the recap…..not sure who to pick from this duel, think the Nordic Tenors may just get through if the public go for safe rather than bizarre

They are now back on stage to hear their fate …

And the winner of Duel two is ……..

Nordic Tenors ! I was right !

Looks like we’re going to hear from Ulrike Brandstorp now, singing her song ” Attention” ( hopefully not in a ballerina tutu like Lithuania in 2014!) . She’s thankfully dressed in black, joined on stage by a violin and cello player ,it’s a lovely ballad , she’s hitting some quite high notes in this . A nice performance, but will it grab “attention” in Trondheim?

Oh,now we’re going to get more Melodi Grand Prix memories , we’re looking at 1991 tonight .This was Just for Fun’s year with Mrs Thompson, I actually liked that song !

Now for the Gold final…

Magnus Bokn -” Over the Sea”

On second watch , Magnus reminds me of a country version of the Danish singer Simon Matthew, who sang for Denmark in 2008. He sings “over the sea and far away” .Will Magnus be ” over the sea and far away ” in Rotterdam in May ?

More MGP memories , going as far back as 1964 through to the 80’s ,,ahh look at those hairstyles and fashions ! then 2006 Christine Guldbransen and Alvedansen.

Nordic Tenors ” In this special Place”

I have a feeling these guys could make it through, it’s a slick performance, nicely sung , though would it stand out in Rotterdam?

It’s gone down well with the audience ……

The recap now before the result . Who will be the fourth act to make it through from the semis? Who will West Norway go for ?Come on….we want to know ……

Their families in the audience are nervous for them., awww love Magnus’s mum, so proud of her boy 🙂

And the winner is …….

MAGNUS BOKN-“Over the sea !!!

So Magnus Bokn goes through to the Grand Final of Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, to be held in Trondheim on 15th February . Congratulations to him .

Thank you for being with me tonight , I hope you’ve enjoyed the show and my comments and opinions on the acts . Good night Europe, have a nice day Australia

Author : Sarah Rudman

Source : NRK

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