Eurovision 2020

#NORWAY: Melodi Grand Prix Semi Final 2 #LiveBlog – #JoinUs From 19:50CET

Hello Europe and Australia. It’s time to carry on the Norwegian’s journey in finding their 2020 Eurovision Song Contest participant, in this their 60th anniversary year.

Tonight, the following acts will be competing in two duels, before the winner of each compete in the final duel. Tonight’s acts are:

  • JÆGER – “How About Mars”
  • Kim Wigaard & Maria Mohn – “Fool for Love”
  • Rein Alexander – “One Last Time”
  • Tore Petterson – “The Start of Something New”

Also, another act directly qualified for the Grand Final will perform. This week it’ll be Didrik & Emil, who’ll perform their song “Out of Air”.

So join me, Richard, from 19:50CET as we continue the quest to find Norway’s 6oth participant for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Good Evening Europe and Good Morning Australia, welcome to our Live coverage of Melodi Grand Prix 2020 – it’s Semi Final 2! I’m Richard and I’m here to guide you through this evening.

This week’s participants are commenting after a recap of last week.

The Hosts have taken to the stage and have got the crowd hyped up for the next 80 minutes. The Hosts are meeting tonight’s acts. The draw for the Duels are taking place.

Duel 1

The first Duel is between Tore Petterson and Kim Wigaard & Maria Mohn.

Tore Petterson is introducing himself.

“The Start of Something New” is a mix of genres. Fifties, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Easy Listening – all mixed in there. Tore is wearing a rather daring bright yellow number. He is joined on stage by four backing dancers – all in white. The song does get a bit more upbeat – it has hit me, this is lounge music! The crowd seem to love it though.

Kim Wigaard & Maria Mohn are introducing themselves.

“Fool for Love” is clearly a love song – with the staging reminiscent of Estonia’s “Verona”. Kim is in a Navy Blue suit, while Maria is in a Navy Blue dress. The lighting matches in with their clothing. The chemistry between the two is incredible. Violinists join them on stage about two-thirds through, which adds an extra special dynamic to the performance. This would be my favourite to win the Duel on a personal level.

Three minutes are left to vote in this Duel!

The vote is CLOSED!

Kim Wigaard & Maria Mohn are through to the Gold Duel.

Duel 2

The second Duel is between JÆGER and Rein Alexander.

JÆGER is introducing herself.

“How About Mars” is quite a modern, spoken song. JÆGER has a matching hair/boiler suit combo in the colour of bright pink. Oh dear, this has gone a bit techno, mixed with a Japanese esque backdrop. Sadly that’s one for the youth – I’m getting old. The crowd love it though!

Rein Alexander is introducing himself.

“One Last Time” is definitely different to anything we’ve seen so far tonight. Rein has taken on the role and voice of a warrior. The stage is filled with dry-ice and warrior dances. The overall sound is very Scandinavian, which attracts me to this song in this particular Duel. Rein sings with a voice of authority.

Three minutes are left to vote in this Duel!

The vote is CLOSED!

Rein Alexander is through to the Gold Duel.

Now for our “Direct Finalist” – it’s Didrik and Emil. They are introducing themselves.

“Out of Air” is a song about the love of the siblings – and it’s fantastically upbeat! Two younger male dancers are on-stage to mimic their childhood. For readers in the UK, I’m getting a Ball and Boe vibe about this performance! Love it! Family orientated and great interaction.

Gold Duel

It’s Kim Wigaard & Maria Mohn versus Rein Alexander!

The two acts are taking to the stage again, to try and win over the Norwegian vote.

Five minutes are left to vote in this Duel.

Rein Alexander WINS after the vote CLOSED! Congratulations.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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