Eurovision 2020

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BUT WE ONLY HAVE ONE SONG!!! You’ve all just screamed at your computer screens (or mobile phones)!! Yes, we do – but that doesn’t stop the bookies from already taking a look at who they think will win the Eurovision Song Contest 2020!

Remember, betting odds are calculated on the likelihood of something happening based on previous experience and information currently available. have started publishing the odds for 2020 – so let’s take a look at the Top 10!

No surprises here that save for Australia, all the countries in the current Top 10 have won Eurovision at least once – or many, many times in the cases of Ireland, Sweden and the UK! Russia tops the board, having placed in the Top 5 an incredible 5 times in the last decade. The Netherlands’ high ranking might have something to do with AVROTROS announcing they already have their song for Rotterdam and are confident it could be a contender for a back-to-back win – would be the first since Ireland’s hat-trick in the mid-1990s!

At the other end of the scale, the following countries currently make up the Bottom 10:

Again, considering current qualification rates, it’s unsurprising we find these countries placed down here. Countries like Belgium, Poland and Romania have all missed out on the last few finals, so it’s logical that winning seems furthest out of their reach. It’s worth mentioning though that in 2018, Cyprus occupied a similar spot this early in the betting odds and well… we all know what happened there!

So our current scoreboard for Eurovision with our Top… eh, 1… looks as follows:

Albania – 21st (NEW ENTRY)

We’ll have to wait and see when we have more songs to see!

But what do YOU think? Who is going to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2020? Is it a hunch? A feeling? Carola appeared to you in a dream and told you?! Vote in our poll below and let us know!

Author: James Scanlan
Source: Eurovision Ireland,
Image Source:

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