#BULGARIA: VICTORIA Releases Christmas Single

VICTORIA has released a Christmas Charity single in Bulgaria. The single will support organisations looking for homes for stray dogs and cats. The release is “Come Out And Play” and is a cover of Billie Eilish.

The video for “Come Out And Play” can be seen here:

Source: YouTube/BNT

VICTORIA had the following to say:

“I have five dogs, two rabbits and one parrot. All my dogs have been adopted and I love them so much! Animal adoption is a cause really close to my heart and with this project I want to raise awareness in Bulgaria about the amazing people who give their time to help homeless dogs and cats find their new home.”

Vasil Ivanov, the Head of Press for Eurovision at BNT, had the following to say:

“One of the organizations supported by the project is Animal Rescue Sofia – a Bulgarian NGO working to solve the stray dog and cat problem in the Bulgarian capital. With the help of thousands of people through private donations they created their own shelter, where 200 animals find treatment and care 365 days in a year. The organization finds homes for 70 dogs every month. One of VICTORIA’s five dogs is adopted from the Animal Rescue shelter. 

The project is produced by Ligna Studios and Four Elementz. The video is directed by Victoria Karakoleva and filmed by Rosen Savkov. “Come Out And Play” is originally performed by Billie Eilish and written by her and Finneas O’Connell.”

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: BNT

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