Eurovision 2019

#JESC19: Happy JESC Month!

November has arrived, which can only mean one thing – Happy JESC month!!! Over the coming weeks, we will looking at each of this year’s participants on the lead up to the Contest.

But to celebrate the start of the month, here is a recap of all of this year’s entries:

Video: YouTube/EBU

As well as previewing the participating countries, we will have a few other historical articles for you to read on the lead up to Gliwice – so stay tuned!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. What I think ? I think that Ireland has the best song ever since they are in JESC. That song / voice touched my heart and I get positive goosebumps …..oh wow Ireland, you are so lovely this year ♥. Btw, I think that this year in JESC there are so many good and strong songs: France, Spain, Serbia, Armenia, Poland, Ireland and North Macedonia …..but the biggest surprising countries this year are Ireland and Serbia for me. All my loooooove from Germany to you and good luck in the contest.

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