#Top5 Eurovision: When Too Much Was Not Enough

Croatia second rehearsal 2019 — Photo by: Thomas Hanses

Year after year Eurovision competitors try to reinvent the wheel and impress us with either a heart-felt performance, strong visuals or powerful voices. Some try to have it all; sometimes it works, other times it’s just too much for the viewers to handle.

Today we’re going to look back at top 5 performances from the last decade that tried a little bit too much, but failed to get enough support in order to qualify for the Finals.

We’re not saying that this songs were bad, but we do think that simplifying their show would have made the audience and jury like their concept a little bit more. We couldn’t decide of an order, so it’s only fair to present them from the oldest to the newest.

We kick off the list with Bulgaria 2009: Krassimir Avramov – Illusion at number 5.

We can’t blame Krassimir and his team for trying to give us a memorable performance, because it certainly was: unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

Was it an illusion? Well some of us wish it would have been. The colourful performance lacked in powerful lead vocals, and the choice to wear a cape whilst trying a falsetto, failed to captivate the audience in a positive way. The backing vocalists didn’t help much either; in fact they reminded us of a coven of witches chanting endlessly ‘Give Me, Give Me Your Time!’ Top that with a burning background and two stilt walkers. What were they thinking?

On the 4th position we have Montenegro 2013: Who See – Igraka

Astronauts rapping about a party and a beautiful girl shouting at us to come and follow her; I don’t know who’s party was that, but the green and yellow background plus the suits, didn’t quite convince me it was safe to follow. Whilst the public liked it, the juries didn’t want to join their party.

Next, we have on the 3rd position Belarus 2018: Alekseev – Forever

Some acts in the past have been judged for lacking emotion. We can definitely say that Alekseev wasn’t shy on showing his feelings. If anything else, he might have overdone it. He sang to a rose, he was shot with a rose that pierced his hand, he exploded into rose petals (which by the way, looked like blood splodges in the first seconds) and in the end he showed us his back – revealing (you might have guessed by now) roses piercing his skin. Now, I’m not an expert in theatricals, but that looked to me like a thriller if not a horror story; and we were glad it was over. While I appreciate the effort, it didn’t make me want to pick up the phone and vote for it.

On the 2nd spot we have Romania 2019 and Ester Peony’s On A Sunday

No doubt Ester’s voice fitted the song and she gave her best on the stage. But let’s talk about the concept.

Ester was left on a Sunday. But when? Was it even on this century? Singing from a drowned house, with a pale makeup, you couldn’t tell if she was alive, dead or possessed?

We had flames almost every other 10 seconds and the background was constantly changing: sea, flying bats, a haunted forest and flowers blossoming. Topping that with good-looking, scary dancers, the audience was left wondering what was that? So they moved on to something they could understand and relate to.

At number 1 we have Croatia 2019: Roko – The Dream

Roko’s Dream told a story: a fallen angel gets his wings back, on a journey from hell to … cloudy skies and sea? (if that was supposed to be Heaven, I missed the cue)

The visuals were great, and Roko’s voice was powerful and on point. Yet, once he got his wings, instead of giving us the impression of a winner, he looked burdened and uncomfortable. The other angels were flying, whilst he was ‘stomping’ in the sea.

Do you agree with our list? Who do you think we should have featured?

Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Picture source: (photo by: Thomas Hanses)

Video Source: Youtube

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