Eurovision 2019

#JESC19: Spain – Will They, Won’t They Return?

On Sunday 30th June, RTVE will be revealing whether or not they will be returning to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year. The announcement will be made during “RTVE response”, which will be broadcast at 13:00 CET on La 2.

The question of Spain returning is brought up year after year during Spanish Press Conferences at the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, the Spanish Head of Delegation, Ana Maria Bordás responded with the following:

It’s something that we debate every year, that every year we try and we’re open again. But it is a decision that has not yet been made. You know that we have to answer in June if we are going to participate or not, we have a few months ahead to say it.

It is a very complicated issue because on the one hand we want to be: France has returned, this year in 2018 it has been incorporated. But it is true that we have not had any music program with children, and well, it is more difficult; but it is a decision that the management will take at the time. Of course, every year is a debate that we have and that is being studied … This year there was a large audience for Junior Eurovision in Spain without us participating and well, that is something we take into account.

Spain participated in the first four Junior Eurovision Song Contests between 2003 and 2006, before withdrawing in 2007. In 2004, María Isabel took victory with her song “Antes muerta que sencilla”.

Video: YouTube/EBU

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovoix and ESCPlus


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