Eurovision 2019

#TelAvivJournal: Day 7

Day seven finally saw Israel and the Big 5 take to the stage – but only after the final two from semi final one and the first nine from semi final two. Yesterday was a long day, but was worth it once we got to see the first rehearsals from Israel, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.

Israel will have nothing to be ashamed of this year, with their contrasting yet still amazing performance like last year. Over the last few years, the home entry hasn’t performed that greatly, however we won’t see that happen the year.

The United Kingdom was in the “Not-Bad” rehearsal shocker moment! It is written by John Lundvik and has the performance style of John Lundvik too. Could we see votes been divided between the two possibly? Or will Sweden outshine the United Kingdom which is the more likely outcome?

France vs. Spain. Everyone expected Spain to come to the stage with a whole party atmosphere of an entry – how wrong were we. France came along instead and surprised us all with an emotive entry about judgement and prejudice instead. France took what Spain should’ve had.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Categories: Eurovision 2019

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